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Del hopped on the pile and waved at my camera. “Oh, no. It’s only just begun.”

Then she leapt off and dashed to my dolls’ room, a sneaky scheme no doubt forming in her mind.

I leap off Madison’s big pile of doll clothes and rush to the bedroom, where all nine of my roommates are eagerly opening presents.

“Del, where have you been?” Chloe squeals. “Look at all the Christmas cards we got from dolls around the world! This one is from Kaitlyn’s dolls.”

“You’ve missed a ton of awesomeness,” my sister, Taryn, strikes up. “You won’t believe how many cards have poured in! From the dolls of people like Mia, Merrilise, Anna Maria…”

“Like this one,” Josefina smiles, showing me a decorated Christmas card. “We even got e-cards from people who didn’t participate physically and signature pictures from AAG!”

“And this one!” Molly excitedly opens up one with her own face on it. “It’s from Hope’s dolls.”

“My favorite is this one.” Cécile waves an envelope and a beautifully decorated card at me. “It’s from Livy’s dolls!”

I glance over at Emelie and watch her eagerly peruse over a letter from other dolls as well.

“Check this one out!” My best friend Katy waves a green Christmas card with a red ribbon at me. “It’s from Olive’s dolls!”

I swivel my gaze around to Jasmine, who is gawking over two drawn family portraits of us. “Oh, my, gosh!” She drools. “They, like, drew me so perfectly!”

“Who?” I ask.

Hope and Light4theLord!”

Ellie walks over to me and glares. “Besides all the cards to all of us, you got two that are specifically addressed to you.”

I smirk and accept the personal cards. “People just recognize awesomeness, Smelly Ellie.”

Ellie glares harder, but then I spot something unopened. “Hey, you’re not the only one who got a personal card. Check out that one; it has a picture of you on it.”

Ellie drops her jaw and smiles, rushing to open her card.

Meanwhile, I open up my cards. I smile as I read this letter. People love me!

“Woah, what is this? Evil Maryellen?”

I burst out laughing. “This is great.”

I look up and glance around. “This is great and all, but I have access to resources of awesomeness you know nothing about.”

The others are too busy opening their Christmas cards and heartily ignore me, but Ellie joins my side. “What did you say?”

A slow smirk spreads across my face. “Follow me.”

I lead Ellie through the house and to the pile of presents I opened for Madison.

“Dude!” She cries. “Where did these come from?’

I plop down beside the pile and finger the awesome sorry not sorry shirt. “Madison’s Christmas presents. And I think they’re up for grabs.”

Ellie begins laughing evilly. “And nobody else knows about them?”

“Just you and me, Smelly.”

And with that, we begin the raid.

Ellie ducks behind a chair and emerges in an outfit fully picked from the pile of clothes, and I do the same with my sorry not sorry shirt.

Ellie smiles. “What do you think?”

I shrug. “I’m not a fashionista, but I have to admit, that suits you. Nice and casual and artsy.” I look back at the pile. “You need some new shoes, though.”

So I help Ellie into some new gray ankle boots.

“Wow, you look really good,” I comment, nodding.

“You too!” Ellie beams. “That’s really your style.” Then she frowns. “I hate my hair, though. Help me fix it.”

“Um, okay.” I look back at the pile while Ellie works her fingers through her intricately braided hair.

I skim through the few hair accessories in the pile and frown.

“Here, try this, Smell,” I offer.

Ellie slips the headband on but frowns. “Yeah, I don’t think this is gonna work.”

I hook my thumb in the pockets of my skinny jeans and feel the bobby pins I pulled out of my hair so I could put my hat on. “Wait a sec. Let me try these.”

“Yeah, this is gonna be great.” I smirk and fix on a determined gaze. “Your hair is gonna look epic.”

Ellie laughs. “I don’t think you’ve ever fixed someone else’s hair in your life.”

“Well, now I have.”

When I’m done, Ellie fingers her hairstyle and grins. “Hey, this is actually pretty great. Thanks.”

Then Ellie looks over at the pile and smiles. “You know, Delusional, the pile is still free game, and no one else has gotten to it yet.”

Ellie and I plop down by the pile. I grab the sleeve of a shirt and let out an evil laugh. “Then we’d better finish raiding it before the others do.”