HAPPY NEW YEAR! We stayed at my BFF’s house ’till 12:00 last night – we all had our dollies and we were screaming “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!” and dancing, and bouncing, and watching the ball drop, and saying “Cheers!” with soda’s! It was so fun.

I started my morning routine this morning, and after I was done I got on the computer, wondering what to do, being lazy…I checked on this site and then I was like “HOLY COW, ISABELLE’S STUFF IS OUT!!!!!!!!”

I am going to share a few of my favorite clothing’s and stuff, while Isabelle is def. going on my wishlist! I want my birthday to arrive here soon now, LOL! But first, I’d like to hear your thoughts on AG’s new prices. They sure “upped the annie” on their GOTY prices, and MAG prices, but the Historical’s stayed the same, except if you buy them with their accessories. I do have a theory on why they are so pricey.

1. They’re stuff is already amazingly great and high-class great quality.
2. The economy is already making everything more expensive.
3. They’re already pricey because they have employees to pay at the AGP’s, a website to run, and all. :)

So I don’t think that AG is just being selfish and trying to cheat off of us – but that nowadays everything is more expensive and they’re already great quality – and already pricey because they’re super busy with a bunch of stuff. :)

Now, onto my favorites off of Isabelle’s HUGE collection!

First of all, THAT METALLIC DRESS! That is just too cute, way too cute!

Oh, the Performance Set! That’s sooooo gorgeous, and the $38 is normal, for AG quality.

Aww, just look at those PJ’s! That little headband and slippers just top the outfit off, don’t you think?

I LOVE that leotard! It’s SOOOO gorgeous, and $10 isn’t that bad either – just make sure you wear some tights under that, Isabelle!

Wow, that’s just beautiful! It’s Isabelle’s Mix ‘N Match Outfit #4. It consists of that beautiful leotard up above, Isabelle’s coral sweater, her sparkly “skort”, and her funky leggings. I wish that came with flats or something, wouldn’t that look cute?

Oh goodness, I think I like this one a teeeeny bit better than the other one! It is SOOO CUTE AND ADORABLE!

I’m not too big on any of her furniture. I mean it’s cute, but nothing really stands out to me, except her dance case!

See? But for the price of $44? I honestly think those would be better at around $20. No worries, though, as cute as it looks, I’ve got plenty of stickers, hair elastics, head bands, bobby-pins, and even a pair of flats that look like those ballet slippers that I picked up for my dolls yesterday at Wal-Mart from the My Life As brand for my dolls. :)

And finallllllllyyyyy…….

Why, Isabelle herself of course! Did I mention that I love her? I don’t have a blondie in my group, and she would be the first long and straight haired beauty. She is sooooooo beautiful!

A close-up of Miss Isabelle! Look at those eyes. Green or hazel, I can’t decide. AG says they’re hazel. My Cécile has hazel eyes – Isabelle would be the second hazel eyes doll in my dollie group. Is it a little too early to be thinking about my birthday in June? hehe! If I did get her, I would re-name her Evangelina Winifred Palmer. I wouldn’t adopt her, but rather be her legal guardian like I am to Emilie and Jasmine. Jasmine likes ballet – Isabelle and her would be good friends, don’t you think?

So what do you think of Isabelle’s new stuff? Isn’t she adorable? Please share your favorites! And tell me your favorite thing about 2013, and what you look forward to in 2014.

Until next time!