If you’re like me, you LOVE playing on ISU.

Signing in…

Loading, loading, loading…

My beautiful room! I bought the designer version of….well, I forget what the room is called……and it was like, 1,500 stars or something! Pricey, but GORGEOUS!!

I want to go to the U-Shine Hall and play a game! Using my map, it’s very easy to click the location where I want to go!

I’m playing Melody Maker! It’s soooo fun!

Now, I’m in the Shopping Square. It’s very easy to move around. I just click with my mouse the spot where I want to go to!

I just clicked Glittering Gown. I want to by my online doll a new dress!

How beautiful! I’ll take it.

There is so much more fun when you actually play ISU. There are lot’s of projects you can do to help out the ISU Guides. Play games to earn stars which you can spend on clothing, hair, and rooms! Here is the official video of ISU. Buy a MAG doll today and get started! http://web.innerstaru.com/#


ha, we really sound like an advertisement, don’t we? :p