IMG_3081Walking through the doors of my luscious, private dance studio, I felt an excited feeling come over me.

IMG_3082Ahh, I sure did love ballet! I stre-e-e-e-etched my legs out before practicing my routine.


IMG_3084Split jump!

IMG_3085Land! Plié!

IMG_3086“You did well!” exclaimed my private ballet teacher. “Thanks! I mean – mercí!”

IMG_3089Coach gave me some more tips on my routine and I stretched a little more before leaving. I loved ballet, it really helped me with gymnastics, too.

Do you like to dance?



P.S. Madison here! Jasmine’s dance studio is actually where my brother and I do our schoolwork. Pretty neat, huh? I had to take down some number charts and what down, LOL, but it made a great dance studio for Jasmine.