Today, I craved adventure. All of the dolls were busy. Even my my best mini doll friend, Molly-Anne, was being displayed so I couldn’t play with her. So I asked myself, “Jocelyn Courtney Lorfing, what are you going to do today?” Then my eyes drifted over to Coconut. She looked bored too. But Molly-Anne had warned me about Coconut. That mutt liked to chase mini dolls almost as much as we mini dolls loved doing our….favorite things.

But she looked calm and just as bored as I. So, I slowly walked over to her. I reach out my hand and….petted her soft nose. Coconut wagged her tail gratefully. “I think you just found yourself a new friend!” I thought to myself.


Surprisingly, Coconut let me jump on her back! Taking a firm grip on her fur, I pulled to the left and she went left! I pulled to the right and she went right. I pulled toward me and she stopped. I squeezed my legs and she would go!


We neared the edge of the boring, endless room. Finally! Time to explore the house!

We neared what the human’s called “The Red Coach.” it looked pretty nice! “Just one problem,” I whispered to Coco. “How are we going to get up?” Coconut urged me to hop on her back. I barely had time to get comfortable when…

WHOOOOOOSH! Coconut leaped! She leaped all the way…

On top of The Red Coach! I was utterly stunned and amazed. “Coconut, you did it!” I cried, petting Coco. “Good girl!” Coconut snorted. She hated being called a “girl.” She preferred to herself a very rowdy tomboy.

“Hey, what’s up here?” I asked, climbing up the armrests of the Red Coach.

CURTAINS! Black curtains! Long, black curtains! Long, black curtains just calling out for someone to take a hold of them and swing on them! And that’s just what I did.

When my arms grew tired, I sat back down on top of the Red Coach, when I realized Coconut was missing. “Coconut!” I called. No answer. Devastated, I plopped down, feeling sorry for myself when I heard playful and happy barks.

Coconut was playing in the Human Laundry Basket!
What do you get when you add a Mini Doll, an AG Dog, and a laundry basket? FUN!

So I jumped in.

Soon Jasmine came by and screamed. “MY PRECIOUS DOLL?! IN A DIRTY HUMAN LAUNDRY BASKET?!!! GET OUT OF THERE AT ONCE!” She snatched me up, and Coconut leaped out. “Coconut! Bad girl! You led my precious doll into this…this…terrible catastrophe!” Coconut slunk back, weary of the name “girl” and sad she had made Jasmine mad. But then Jasmine smiled. “Oh, how can I get mad at you?” she laughed, reaching down to pet Coconut. “You are so cute!” Coconut grinned at the sound of that!

Well, that ended our little adventure for the day. What do you think of Jasmine’s hairstyle, the way she braided it and pulled it back with a decorate bobby pin thingy-ma-bob?

And, of the little “display” Molly-Anne was in? Molly is going shopping! ….and the other dolls are sleeping? Say what!
Jocelyn and Coconut