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IMG_6127 Hi! I’m Joy! You might recognize me as Madison’s newest doll. When I looked her blog and realized it was crazy awesome, I wanted to post something myself on there. All Madison’s dolls have done it before! So, I’m starting this thing called….

IMG_6128 Joy’s Journal, the once-a-week special! Every week, I’ll post an entry from my journal.

IMG_6129Ready to get started with today? I am! I am so excited because this is my very first post!

IMG_6132 *clears throat* Let’s start with July 27th, 2014. That was yesterday. I was going to post the one of me writing all about me arriving here on Madison’s birthday, but… the page got ripped out! Anybody know any detectives I can hire to figure this out? Anyways…

July 27th, 2014
I felt I could not stand a minute longer without Madison. She is my legal guardian but she’s just like a mom to me. She had been gone for three weeks to Florida, and I missed her a lot. Cécile, the second-oldest since Madison took the oldest, Jasmine, with her, was put in charge and sometimes she was really bossy. All of my friends would get in arguments a lot over me – I was flattered they liked to spend time with me alone, but lately, I’ve felt the cause of many fights. 
Plus, the money Madison gave Cécile to spend on take-out orders and delivered-to-you pizza, was dwindling quickly…I found out she was purchasing hair accessories for herself! I was tired of fatty cheesy pizza and Chinese food(even though I am Chinese!) any everything…that’s when I heard it! A HUGE air horn I had only heard once before. It had to be the RV! 
I looked out the window. Sure enough, I looked out the window and there was Madison and her family jumped out of the RV in the parking lot, going right into church!
When she got back from church she gave all of us a big hug and cooked us a homemade casserole. I didn’t know she could cook so good….either that or I was tired of junk food!
Until next time,
Joy Ivy Ling

IMG_6133Did you enjoy this week’s Joy’s Journal? I can’t wait for next week, how about you?


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