Who am I?

I’ll give you a hint.

I like to rap. I love natures and forests and plants.

Delaney is my evil mind twin best friend.

Have you guessed who I am yet?

It’s MEEEE — ah — pfft — hey! Hair! Get outta my face, for crying out loud!

Oh. And I just looked at the post title. I kind of gave myself away, didn’t I? Hehe.

Ahem. Hey! It’s Katy Christine here! But I’m cool with Katy or even K.C., too. I think this is my first post on here!

I just wanted to say that a Q&A with Del and I is a go! Thanks to everyone who said that sounded cool. We’re totally gonna do that soon, and I’m really excited!

Oh, and Heads Up part five is coming up as well! Who’s excited for that? Or has your enthusiasm died down because of the long stretch between part four and part five? ?

I just wanted to follow in Delaney’s footsteps and post something behind Madison’s ignorant back (she’ll reply to all your comments soon, as will Del! She’s currently hiding from Madison, but Madison is actually hiding from her. I think they both hate each other.).

But before I sign off, Madison’s brother is doing this evangelist thing. He’s a young preacher doing a project this week and I thought I’d take the liberty of helping him out by posting it for Madison without her permission! Everyone knows dolls are better than Madison’s totally lame personal life, so that’s why it’s being posted here instead of her other super lame blog we don’t need to mention! ?


Do me a favor and take the survey below!

Be sure to leave him a comment on the survey and me (?) a comment below! I’ll see you guys soon — probably in Heads Up part five!

Until then…

K.C. out!