***NOTE;  If you are having trouble reading the photo-stories, please remember that the caption for the pic is right below it. Thanks.***

Title says it all. Bleck. You know we have a laundry machine thingy down-stairs, you know that, mom.  Huh. Guess she won’t let me use it.

Well, I grumbled out of my new room under my owner’s desk and into where my old room used to be. That is now my laundry area, aka in front of the mirror.

I took the few paper clips my owner had provided (we’re fresh out of clothespins) and set to work, grumbling and complaining. I hung up my light coat first, and then my blue and white striped shirt that you’ll see sooner or later.

The paper-clip looked so neat and tidy holding my light coat. I would have enjoyed it but I didn’t exactly want to do the laundry at the moment.

UGH! Laundry is hard work. When Josefina comes along, my owner better not baby her. She’s going to have her fair share of work, too, you know.

La la la la, Doo dee, doo dum…….

Phew! Done! *achoo!* Gosh, the pollen is really out today! Oh, well, that’s nothing. I’LL NOW LEAVE YOU TO YOUR PITIFUL LAUNDRY!!! Hehehe. JK.

Blooper, hehe! Right as my owner was taking the pic above, I fell :) *achoo!* Gosh, that pollen was strong. Oh, well, its probably nothing :)

Goodbye! DO YOUR LAUNDRY!!! Hehehe.


<3Molly<3  :)