Yes that’s right, the next part is here! EEEK. The previous part is just behind this one, so if you don’t already know what’s happening, please check that out and um…yeah! The story is now being told in the point of view of the main character, Rosetta.

IMG_6310 What…I thought in my dream. I must….find…liberty…..and…IMG_6311 I shot up. WHAT?!

Where was I? I looked about. I had this odd dream. But was it a dream?! I couldn’t make sense out of it. But it was midnight, and I was riding, well, duh, Midnight. My shoulder hurt like fire – had my horse thrown me off? Maybe. I dreamt..or that I dreamt…someone carrying me to where I was. and then…that was it!IMG_6312 I looked around again. I was out of the woods and far away from the O’teel cabin. The O’teel family were my captors. They called themselves Americans. Since I had no mother or father (more on that later) they took me in and made me a servant to them and their new home in Mexico.

I saw Midnight tied to a piece of bark sticking out from the tree I had slept the night against. This was so weird. First I run off to find liberty, Midnight throws me off (I think?) and someone carries me from the woods to where I am? Who would do that? Was it the O’teele’s? No…knowing them, if they had known I tried to run away, they’d skin me alive!

All of the sudden I knew what I must do! The O’teel family where probably looking for me. I jumped onto Midnight after untying him from the tree.

IMG_6313 “Go! Go! Go! We don’t have much time!” I spoke in perfect Spanish, something I could rarely do around the O’teele’s. They required me to speak in English when I was serving them.IMG_6314 Midnight ran fast, while I winced with every step he took. My shoulder hurt so bad. I couldn’t have broken it, but it was surely bruised….owww….IMG_6315I was on the run for my liberty- if I ever had any.


I know, short, but, exciting, hopefully!! hehe!