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IMG_5273I saw a constable take Mrs. Annigan away to jail. Mrs. Annigan’s pleading eyes seemed to say something, but she turned her head away, ashamed, as the officers led her away so I couldn’t figure out what.

Then we came inside the hotel.

IMG_5274“MOM?!” I cried. “Emmi, it’s been so long! You have your cousin Fredoka to thank for that. She got a job working at the hotel and told me about everything. I have finally found you!” My mother told me.

IMG_5275“Are you too old to give me a hug?” She asked softly.

IMG_5276“NEVER.” I answered, squeezing her into a hug. “Oh, I forgot, it’s been so long!” she laughed. It felt so good to be in my mother’s arms again.

IMG_5277“Oh my, let me get a good look at you! Oh, you’ve grown up so tall my dear…” she doted on me for a long time.

IMG_5278“…I love you!!” she finally finished. “I love you too mom.” 

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Madison here again! Wow, huh? Did you like it? I’ve decided to make a SECOND SEASON sometime, because Mrs. Annigan returns! :D

But that won’t be for sometime now ;P

Well, goodbye! Have a blessed day!