(psst – you might want to read Part 1 if you haven’t already!)

IMG_5023My breathing slowed down a bit from my tense, rapid inhale and exhale of oxygen, exhausted from running. My heart stopped beating so intensely, and I calmed down. I didn’t know long it had been since I escaped from Mrs. Annigan, but it was long enough for me to calm down, I suppose.

IMG_5024There it was, not that far away! The two tree that marked the sides of the home where Mama and I lived before she sent me to the orphanage since we weren’t coming along too well.

But something did not seem right as I neared the two trees. Something missing. It was pretty obvious what was missing to me.

IMG_5025The house! Oh, what happened to the homey wooden house made out of a few boards and not furnished at all? It might not have been considered a house but mama and I were together, and though we went hungry some nights we were happy.

IMG_5026All that lay there was ash and one half-burnt piece of wood.

IMG_5029I fought back burning tears as I sat upon the board. Had the house burned down…with mama insi–

“NO!” I yelled audibly. “NO! I shan’t believe it, not a bit of it! The only reason I’m living is the hope that Mama is still alive. She has to be!” I spoke those words boldly, trying to make myself believe them.

IMG_5030I stood up and took a deep breath. No what was I going to do? I could always go back to the orphanage (and face what awful punishment awaited me), but what if Mama was still alive-“WHICH SHE IS.” I told myself strongly– then I’d have to go find her! No matter what poverty we’d suffer, we’d suffer it together. Forever and ever. And if we perished of hunger, we’d have everlasting feasting in Heaven.

“Oh, that’s now way to live!” I decided miserably. “Life has to have more meaning than that.”

IMG_5031All of the sudden, I heard a voice! “The old Peterson place? Yeah, that burned down days ago.”

I turned my head toward the voice but could not find the person.

IMG_5032“Who goes there? Show yourself!” I demanded.

To be continued!