(If you haven’t read them already, please ready the previous parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6 before reading this post so this makes sense, thank you! Remember this is set in the early 1900’s but past the Victorian era.)

IMG_5149….it was a year later from the day I saw the woman whom I’d thought looked so familiar. The blue eyes looked like I had seen them somewhere before. I thought it was my mother, but her hair wasn’t curly. She usually wore her hair in a braided bun.

I was walking down the hall in my very favorite pink dress with some beautiful flowers I picked from our flower garden. I wanted to give them to Mrs. Bunch who was “fostering” Naomi and I.

IMG_5150I heard someone knock at the door, and froze in my steps. “Hello?” someone from the other side called. I recognized that voice. And it was not a voice I wanted to hear.

I stood frozen where I was. Right now it was best I not be seen, though I wanted to hear what was going on.

IMG_5151Naomi turned her head toward the door as Mrs. Bunch walked over to answer it.

IMG_5152“Come in, come in!” She welcomed….MRS. ANNIGAN.

IMG_5153“Please sit down,” Mrs. Bunch welcomed. “Thank you,” Mrs. Annigan smiled.

IMG_5154Naomi sprang up from her seat so the two ladies could sit down together. “My name is Mrs. Annigan and I come on important business,” Mrs. Annigan started. “Are you Mrs. Bunch?” “Why, yes I am,” Mrs. Bunch replied.

IMG_5156“Naomi, dear, please bring Mrs. Annigan and I some hot tea.” Mrs. Bunch told Naomi imperatively. “Yes ma’am,” Naomi answered, scurrying off to do as she was told.

IMG_5157Naomi hurried back not a minute later with some piping hot chamomile tea.

IMG_5158The two women took the cups of tea, and began their conversation, “What brings you to my home, Mrs. Annigan?” Mrs. Bunch asked politely. “Well, like I said, some important business I must discuss with you.”

IMG_5159“Well yes of course, please go on,” Mrs. Bunch encouraged.

IMG_5160“You see, I run an orphanage for girls around here and about a year ago a little girl by the name of Emmi ran off. She is but nine years old by now, and ever since it has been my mission to bring her back to safety. It is my job to keep all girls who do not have parents to take care of them stay at my orphanage.” Mrs. Annigan stated. I rolled my eyes. What a liar! She did not want to bring me back to safety.  She always told me I was the biggest nuisance that ever walked on the face of the earth and one day she’d beat the tar out of me.

IMG_5161Mrs. Bunch quietly took a sip of her tea,

IMG_5162set it on her saucer,

IMG_5163and placed it on the tray. Finally, she murmured, “I see.” She cleared her throat and continued; “I am quite fond of Emmi, as she is a charming little girl and quite a joy to be around. She says she believes her mother is still alive, and she, her friend Naomi whom is also an orphan that is in my care, and I have been trying to find her mother.”

Mrs. Annigan put on a look of fake pity and told her, “Emmi’s mother died in a fire that was set off in her home. She really is an orphan.”

I almost passed out when I heard that. My eyes stung with unshed tears. My mother was….d…de..dead? I wanted to cry my heart out but I continued listening.

IMG_5164“Oh, I see…We will send Emmi over to the orphanage as soon as possible. Perhaps it will be good to be around many other girls to help heal her broken heart when I tell her. What I want to know is how did you hear that she was here?” Mrs. Bunch asked.

IMG_5165“I contacted the police about her absence from the orphanage and they helped me track her down. They told me how she and her little friend were caught and put into jail, then escaped… Of course since they are merely just girls all is forgiven against them.” Mrs. Annigan answered.

IMG_5166“I see. Well, thank you for this news. When do you want Emmi back at the orphanage?”

IMG_5167“Just as soon as possible. Perhaps….tonight?” Mrs. Annigan questioned. “Of course.” Mrs. Bunch sighed, and took another sip of her tea.

I couldn’t take it anymore! That horrible Mrs. Annigan wanted me back at the stinkin’ orphanage to get revenge at me for ‘being a nuisance’! She didn’t care if my mother was dead, she didn’t care that I hated the orphanage, she just didn’t care! I sped off to my room.

IMG_5168I leaped onto my enormous luxury bed.

IMG_5169I rolled over, dropped the flowers, and kicked off my sandals.

IMG_5170Then I cried.

I didn’t know how long it had been since I first started crying on my bed. I yearned for my mother and I longed to run away again.

Then I heard the door open.

IMG_5172“Emmi!” Naomi exclaimed. “Did you hear the awful news? That orphanage lady–” “I know,” I interrupted, sniffling. “That’s not all. I have to go to an orphanage too until my mama is released from jail or my papa comes back from trying to find work in another state!” She started crying too.

IMG_5173“And the worst part is,” she continued, “I won’t be with you! It’s an orphanage for colored girls and we aren’t allowed to go visit anywhere else!” she bawled with me and I cried too. Finally she said, “Crying isn’t gonna help, I suppose. No matter what, we’ll always be best friends. And maybe when we’re adopted we’ll see each other.”

IMG_5174“You’ll always be my best friend Naomi,” I whispered. “And you’ll always be mine,” she answered. We held hands for the longest time.


(I know, tragic isn’t it?! Don’t worry, things definitely get better for Emmi! ~Madison~)