(wow!! This part is so exciting! Click here to see all of the Little Orphan Emmi parts to read them if you haven’t already. Era: early 1900’s, think Samantha Parkington.)(no ‘Cast’ picture this time!! I want it to be a mystery, mwhaahahaaa!)

IMG_5260I ran through the town in the dead of night. I threw Mrs. Annigan’s hat on the ground, hoping she would see it and go for it instead of me!

IMG_5261I ran helplessly in the dark who knows how long. All of the sudden I didn’t hear any footsteps behind me. Had I lost Mrs. Annigan? Yes! I did!

IMG_5262All of the sudden unseen hands grabbed me. Spoke too soon!

IMG_5263They threw me to the ground!

IMG_5265Mrs. Annigan’s face, barely able to be seen by the moonlight, was scowling back at me.

IMG_5266“Tonight,” she announced. “WE END THIS.” She gripped my neck.

All of the sudden, we heard, “STOP IN THE NAME OF THE LAW!”

IMG_5267We both looked up to see three constables with guns, Cousin Fredoka and a woman that I thought I’d never see ever again in my life. She spoke these words: “Why are you messing with my daughter, Mrs. Annigan?”