Merry Christmas! Have you opened your gifts yet? As many of you know, my dad is on a little sabbatical and fast with Jesus right now for 40 days, but he has to be back late January to take care of some stuff at the church, so he has to be gone for Christmas. :( So we had a little family Christmas here! Only one problem…half my presents from AG that were from the Cyber Monday sale never arrived. FedEx has lost them. They said they were signed here by (somebody’sname) but there is no one by that name here, so, unfortunately, my presents were lost. But God provided a way, like always! We contacted AG and they shipped us the presents, again, for free, and it was here TWO DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! I got my presents after all. (well, Kit’s bed was damaged -___- so AG is sending us a new one and then we send it back but the bed won’t be here until Thursday or Friday. Rats!) They’re miracle presents! I made this stopmotion in faith and trust in God, knowing He’d provide somehow. And He did. So watch this, and remember the REAL reason for the season – Jesus Christ!

And now for the photostory! Introducing….A New Friend!

 IMG_1789The Christmas tree was lit up pretty. All the dolls were having a Christmas Eve sleepover at the Christmas tree, but of course this is before they moved in and listened to Christmas music all night and sucking on candy canes, and…yeah…(many thanks to my sister at KenziePix photography on Instagram an Flickr for the photo!)

IMG_1790But the mini dolls prefer to do their partying early Christmas morning. “I love my new pink hair ribbons!” Jocelyn cried. “Thank you, Molly-Anne!” “Merry Christmas, Jocelyn! I love my pack of candy canes. Here, have one!” “Thank you! Merrrrrry Christmas!” “You’re welcome! And let’s give Molly’s Mom Madison a big thank-you for the Christmas mugs. *sip* She makes the best hot chocolate!” “Agreed, Molly-Anne. Agreed!”

IMG_1791But all of the sudden….All heads turned to the new girl by the Christmas tree!

IMG_1792“Umm…” the new girl said, looking shy. “Merry Christmas?”

IMG_1793Molly-Anne, being the super friendly dollie she always is, jumped up at once to greet their new guest. “Merry Christmas! I’m Molly-Anne. Who are you?” the pretty new girl, smiling at Molly-Anne’s friendliness, got over her shyness at once. “I’m Celina! Cécile got me for Christmas!” Molly-Anne beamed. “Well then, Merry Christmas! This over her is my friend Jocelyn.” With a little nod and a big smile, Jocelyn waved at Celina. “So, what did you get for Christmas?” Molly-Anne asked, leading her to where she and Jocelyn where sitting. “Um,” Celina said, squirming. “I didn’t get anything.” “What?!” Jocelyn and Molly-Anne cried. Molly-Anne quickly turned over the largest candy-cane in her pack. “Here, from me to you!” Molly-Anne said. “Merry Christmas,” Jocelyn added.

IMG_1794“Aw, thanks you guys, but you really didn’t have to!” “We insist,” Jocelyn said firmly. “Yes, as tradition, we give gifts because God gave US a gift – His Son, Jesus Christ to come into the world.” Celina smiled. “You’re right,” she said, accepting the small gift. “Merry Christmas!”

IMG_1795With much talking, laughter, games, hot chocolate, candy canes and “Merry Christmases!” shouted over and over, Jocelyn and Molly-Anne had a great time with their new friend! Welcome to the mini-doll family, Celina!

What do you think of Celina? Her curls are actually really easy to take care of. I just down them with water and twist around a shish-ka-bob stick, then gently push it down and off the skewer stick thingy and the curl is perfect!

If you watched the AGSM, you know what all the doll got. But in case you can’t watch it….

IMG_3668Cécile got Mini Cécile (whom she named Celina) and the Golden Boots.

IMG_3670Jasmine got the Ruffled Hoodie outfit + charm, and a homemade hat I made her. :)

IMG_3671Josefina got a little homemade shawl and skirt I made her.

IMG_3672Molly got Ice Skates from “Sophia’s” on Amazon (I love you so much little bro! HOW DID YOU KNOW I WANTED THAT??Oh, no wonder, I had the page pulled up on Amazon. :)) and Molly’s Summer Bed and Bedding.

IMG_3673Emilie got the Doll Parties book and Kit’s bed (but if you watched the video, then yes, it’s true, Kit’s Bed and Bedding came damaged so AG is going to send us a new one, and it will arrive on Thursday or Friday, then we send the damaged one back.)!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! All my dolls wish your dolls a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I would love to know what you got for Christmas! Did you watch the special Christmas stopmotion? I spent five days on it! I hope you like it!

Remember the REAL reason for the season – Jesus Christ! We give gifts because God gave US a gift – His Son, Jesus!* John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes on Him should not perish and be separated from God forever, but be saved and have everlasting life!

And the dolls. xoxo!

*Thanks for Jaclynn for that quote. :)