Hello Dollies and their Mommies! Molly-Anne has been posting here a lot. LOL! Hopefully later today I’ll post a nice one of ME! Well, here is Molly-Anne!

~Molly :)

Hello! Molly-Anne here! I had a sleepover with one of my friends today! I have generously took some pictures to entertain you today. I hope you are satisfied. Hehe.

Her name is Marie-Grace Spier! No, not the 18 inch doll. Her last name is not Gardner. “Hello Marie-Grace!” I greeted her at the door. “Ready for our play date and sleepover party?” she nodded.
Then we played dolls!

She chose the one that looked most like her…..

And I chose the one that looked most like me.

After that, we had a nice snack of apples and cheese. I’m holding my cheese, about to take a big ol’ bite in this picture!!!!

After our stomachs settled, we danced! Look at Marie-Grace’s funky move!!!!

We made quite the mess.

I picked up the toy cars…..

And she picked up the toy dolls. We got tired and ate supper, then we got into bed.

Here is me in my sleeping bag,

And Marie-Grace in my bed! We chatted until we got sleepy. What a great time together!

I hope you enjoyed our sleepover! There should be a photo-story of 18 inch Molly later today. She says I am stealing the spotlight. Since when would I do that?

Good-bye, gals!