How was your Thanksgiving last week? I went to my “Aunt” Annette’s house and ate a feast!! I even came off of my healthy lifestyle and ate half a pumpkin roll and a (small) slice of lemon pie. Oh, and two servings of sweet potato thingy with marshmallows on top ^_^

And then, W-O-W! After we were home my dad went and got a sugar-free AMERICAN GIRL DOLL SIZED lemon pie! Well he got it for me along with some other pies but I used it for my dolls. That’s what my dolls had for Thanksgiving lol.


IMG_2743Last year from the same company that made this pie my dad bought an apple pie this size. I cleaned out the little pie holder silver thingy and made slices of pie out of play-doh that fit in there.

IMG_2744 IMG_2745Joy says it is supercalifragiliciousexpealidoscously scrumptious! ^_^ (that’s a mouthful for only an 18″ doll)

IMG_2751Well….I’ll be honest with you. This is a random post. But stay tuned to find out a cool craft idea I absolutely love. So, yeah, I took these photos last night of Joy and a few other of my dolls. I thought Joy needed some attention. She is, after all, my newest doll.

(SIDETRACK – She’s the doll being featured in Away Season1 episode 2. The first episode was the pilot, featuring Jasmine. Well, I filmed a lot of her a few months ago. But now that we’re moving to Florida, it will me greatly delayed until we’re settled. Lucky for you, though, because that means an exciting plot twist of her somehow going to Florida. Same thing with “The Runaway Princess” movie. I’ve been working hard at it, but both these AGSM’s will not be finished until after we’re settled in Florida.

Which will take a while.)

So, yeah. I hate to leave you with these incredibly boring posts, but, it’s all I have left. All my AG outfits and accessories are packed, even Gingersnap the horse and the jeep. It’s all… sadly stored away. And I can only bring two medium-sized boxes with me on our first trip to Florida (stored in something called a cube/cubicle/pod???). So a lot of my American Girl stuff? Will be in storage here at the church. So, yeah, this is really hard… Anyways, here we go.

IMG_2752 IMG_2753 IMG_2754Aren’t her earrings just darling?


IMG_2756“This wooden drawer thingy that used to have pegs on it because it was like a sewing storage thing and the pegs were for thread, needs to be sanded and painted! Boring announcement..”

IMG_2757 IMG_2758 IMG_2759This makes a really good seat if you pull out one of the drawers to be a leg rest. :)

IMG_2760Joy decided to sand it. Here’s a video of it. :)


IMG_2763 IMG_2764 IMG_2765 IMG_2766Josefina and Joy are now officially BFF’s!

IMG_2767 IMG_2771To make this super awesome dress all you need is a small shirt, like maybe size 10. This one doesn’t fit me anymore so what better use than to re-use?! Wait, did that make sense? You put it on like a regular shirt – head through headhole, arms through armholes. Then pull it real tight so all the excess in front is in the back. Clip it. If you don’t mind the big gather in the back, from the front, it looks like SUCH a gorgeous dress!

IMG_2769 IMG_2770I used the same thing for Emelie. Instead I used a hairtie to tie the looseness in the back.

IMG_2772 IMG_2773 IMG_2774 IMG_2775 IMG_2776Some more random photos, and the last photo (sorry it’s sideways) is my new lock screen background on my phone :) ^_^

Well…hope you’ve had a peaceful Sunday. Sorry this post wasn’t much. The next two weeks are going to be crazy busy, and then poof! We’re going, going, gone. On the road. Never to live here again. It sounds quite simple? But in reality, like some of you may know, it’s really, really hard. Moving really is hard…It really is…