Molly-Anne (a re-named mini Molly) here! Yep, if you read the title, that’s right: I got a leotard! Now I can do gymnastics!!!! :D

Here are some picture of Madison making it for me and me modeling it.

First, it started out as a dress made out of shiny legging material.
The messy stitches :p
Then, we cut leg holes…..
And now here I am!
I’m going to try a back handspring on the beam.
I did it! I really did it! A BACK HANDSPRING! Woo-hoo!! :D I love my new leotard, except it’s kinda falling off in the last picture. LOL
I hope you’re inspired to try gymnastics or get your owner/human/mom to make you a leotard!
Molly-Anne :)