Hehehe! Molly-Anne here(Mini Molly)….in the jungle! Come with me and share my amazing jungle adventure!!!

I’m sliding down the rails to get downstairs.
Wheeeeeee! Almost there!

Outside at last!

How green these plants are!!!!
This exotic plant must’ve come all the way from China! In fact, it has a very interesting name. Weed.
I tried to climb this small tree, but it was pointy! Ouch! It also has a weird name. Weed. Two weeds? interesting!
A little ways from the pointy tree was a rock. Hmm, a rest would be nice, I realized.
Ahhhh! Looking at the pretty, exotic scenery.
A very rare bug! It has a VERY interesting name! Roly-poly! It is very exotic indeed.
Well finally I decided to make shapes out of clouds so I gathered up some dry leaved and laid down, looking up at the sky (I was in the shade, don’t worry I didn’t hurt my eyes by looking at the sun)
Another tall weed! It doesn’t look rare at all! They have ’em all over the place! I wonder…
I ventured over to a swing.

Under the swing, I realized something….quick sand! Yikes!! I was SINKING!!! It’s weird, people call this mud. “It’s actually quicksand,” I tell them. Scrambling out of the quicksand, I sighed with relief, that had been a close one.

I rested under a fort.

Isn’t this wonderful?

Sooner or later, I heard buzzing. LOUD buzzing. I looked up to see a nest swarming with wasps the size of my head! I let out a high-pitched screech that pierced the air as I scrambled to get out of there as fast as I could.

I threw myself onto the rock, my heart beating quickly and my breathing hard. What a scare I had!
Deciding I had enough adventure for one day, I posed myself in front of the wall just beside the door. Waving bye, I scurried inside–thankfully, we hardly ever have wasps inside!
Well, I hope you enjoyed my adventure in the jungle! It’s strange, humans call it backyards. I think jungle is much more exotic, rare and interesting than plain old ‘backyard’.
Molly-Anne :)