IMG_5216Hey! Everyone! Zoom in!!

IMG_5217That’s better. Hi everyone! I’m Molly-Anne here! I’m about to show you something cool….

IMG_5218Follow me!

IMG_5219This is my house-in-the-dirt, or otherwise known as MY DIRT HOUSE!! I don’t live here permanently, but I like camping out here sometimes!

IMG_5220A nice plant give me occasional shade, and I like to eat its leaves!

IMG_5221Mmmmmm, yummy snack!

IMG_5222Ahhhh. it’s nice cool earth in here. I love it!


IMG_5224And there’s a little porch I can lie on too!

IMG_5225This little thing….bucket….tiny pot? I use for collecting dew in the morning. It’s a little dirty right now, so I need to clean it soon to be ready for tomorrow’s dew I can drink for my water supply.

IMG_5226I love it here on the dirt mountains. There are sometimes ants, but usually I kill them and eat them for protein!

IMG_5227Gross, right? Wrong! Ever tried eating an ant? The legs get stuck in your throat like a popcorn kernel or something, but they’re actually very…anty.

IMG_5228Well, bye everyone! Hope you enjoyed my little tour of my mountain/dirt house! :)