EEEK!! I’m so excited….I’m getting my cast off from when I broke it a few weeks ago on the beam. It wasn’t that bad of an injury, so it only needed a few weeks to heal instead of those six weeks the doctors predicted. I’m in the waiting room now–none of these magazines look very interesting, I just want to get my cast off!

“Molly?” came the voice of my sweet doctor, Dr. Celina. (can you tell its really Cecile? ;)) 

I love the little Scottish dog on her Doctor Coat!
I ‘crutched’ as fast as I could in my crutches! :P

“Are you excited to get your cast off?” Dr. Celina asked. “You bet!” I exclaimed. Dr. Celina smiled sweetly and led me to a door. “Right this way!”

 Another doctor greeted me. “Hi, I’m Doctor Jaylin,” the doctor introduced herself. (can you tell it’s really Josefina? ;)) “I’m here to take your cast off. I’m going to bring in a saw and I’m going to saw your cast off.” I jumped back, obviously about to have a heart attack. Dr. Jaylin laughed. “No, no, sweetie,” she smiled. “It’s a special saw, a battery-powered one, only meant to cut the material on your cast. It only tickles it if reaches your skin! If you feel safer, I’ll let the saw on your skin for a little bit before we saw your cast off, so you can see how safe it is.” I nodded, feeling a little less scared.

 Dr. Jaylin brought in that small, electric saw and let it run on my arm. I giggled. “It tickles!!!”I shrieked. Dr. Jaylin nodded knowingly. Soon she let the saw run on the side of my cast. It tickled like crazy then!

“There you are!” Dr. Jaylin exclaimed as she opened up my cast. “And since you were such a good patient, you get to keep your cast. It’s decorated so beautifully by your friends!”
“Yes,” I answered proudly. “I have very good friends–that are actually my sisters!” 

Dr. Jaylin gave me my other shoe and said, “You’ll have to stay on crutches for a week or two since your foot isn’t used to walking on its own yet. After that, you won’t have to come here again! You’re all better! I mean, you could drop in to say hi once in a while but other than that you’re a healthy girl.”
I smiled. Dr. Jaylin was funny! I waved hi and then walked out the door with my crutches. I couldn’t wait to get back to gymnastics again!

Have you ever broken a bone?


Molly and Madison, with Dr. Celina and Dr. Jaylin ;)

P.S. All this information is very accurate, as mom has broken bones before :)

P.P.S. A doctor actually said that to Madison! He said, “You’re all better! You’ll have to have your wrist in a splint for a little while since its not used to moving on its own since that cast, but otherwise you don’t have to come here again! I mean, you could drop in to say hi once in a while but other than that you’re a healthy girl.” LOLOL!!!