“Hey, Molly! What are you doing?” asked Cecile, my (eeek!) first customer. “Why, hosting a hair salon, of course! Would you like to get your hair fixed?” Cecile looked unsure as she glanced at the brush in the corner. “Gee, I don’t know, Molly. Brushes don’t work well on curly hair like mine.” “Oh, c’mon, I’ll make you look great!” “Well, alright….”
“You’re going to look AMAZING!” I told her as I helped her up on the salon chair. “I hope so,” she grumbled. 
I carefully chose just the right materials for her hair. 
I went right to work misting, spritzing and picking her hair!
Sonner or later, I had swept her gorgeous curly hair into two ADORABLE pigtails adorned with royal purple bows!
“Thanks SO much, Molly! My hair is PERFECT, this was just the style I’m in the mood for!” Cecile cried. I smiled, saying, “You’re welcome! Please tell others about my salon!” with a wave, Cecile was off. I grinned. I liked doing my hair salon!
Have you styled other’s hair before? Was it fun?
Molly :)