The next morning, we head out to another hotel closer to were we’re wanting to go. We get PLOPPED on the ground next to the cart that carries our bags. “Seriously, mom?! You’re carryin’ fragile items, here!” 
Mom is testing out angles in the mirror before we leave the La Quinta Inn and Suites. Doesn’t she look pretty in this picture? <3
Then some photography. Isn’t this one so…odd, but…. beautiful?!
Peering over the edge of the bed to look at….a flip-flop?! Hehehe!
We’re all packed in the car now, ready to go hiking someplace then settle at our new hotel. 
Were are we going….? This certainly isn’t the way to………….
Ahh, of course. We’re going to take a tour of Texas Bible Institute, the bible college mom’s sister might be going to, before hiking. 
we turn a curvy bend….
look at these cars!
Well, we’re parked now, and ready to take the tour!
~About an hour later~
We’re back! Time for a picture! Isn’t this pretty?
ZOOM! So much scenery. 
Something mom got at TBI. It’s an info packet about a camp there for kids her age! She decided to take photos of it…
WEIRD…but cool. A sticky that says INFO PACKET with the edges bent, and the picture was taken upsidedown…huh.
Dollie’s here….
A dollie here……
we’re bored out of our minds and very tired…we snooze off. 
WHY A SHOE?!?!?!!!!!!!!
Well, then again, when you’re bored out of your mind for hours straight….let’s just say it does things to you. 
Oh YAY! We’re in Luling! See the watermelon watertower?!!?!
just keep driving, just keep driving……..
We ate at City Market Barbecue, a famous barbecue place in Texas then, then….
we’re driving to Gourdough’s, a famous donut place! OH MY GOSH… their donuts are to die for. the 45 minute wait was SO worth it!
Then we stop at Dairy Queen to eat some yummy starkisses!
Isn’t this pretty? :) Pretty Cece wants some attention now! She feels pretty left out and blames ME for being the favorite:(
Now we’re gonna hike! We’re driving to the trail…
A lady come out to tell us the rules(no touching water, don’t feed animals, stay on path, etc)and then we park.
I CAN’T WAIT! I’m so excited….
AWW, dolls can’t go? We get left in the car?!!?!! -___-Have fun without us, mom….
Finally they were back!
*pant**pant* “That…. hike….. was….. so….. long….. and…… hard.”
Finally we arrive at the hotel! 
The “favorites” problem was still unsolved, and Josefina and Cecile sat on one side of the couch, refusing to sit next to me. I miserably sat on the other side. 
Photography moment!
Someone plopped their belongings on me while Josefina and Cecile just smirked.
I sighed.
It was an awful end to the day, but I knew I’d get this favorite problem solved soon. I just knew it. 
Because I’m Molly McIntire. 
Of course I will.