So a lot of you know (if you read AGH) that on Sunday, the 27th of September, I preached at our church, the River of Tampa Bay. A lot of you know that I was really nervous and stressed. The anxiety and anticipation is the worst part of it – but to tell you the truth, the minute I took that microphone from the other young preacher (my friend Janezzia) ahead of me, the room became small.

I didn’t even think about the cameras.

I just delivered the message.

And I wasn’t nervous a bit!

I want to give a BIG thank you for all who prayed for my big day! I preached in front of 2,000 people and around the world live on TV. I was also broadcasted into millions of homes all across Europe!

I want to share with you the video of me preaching – and after you watch the entire thing, tell me the truth… Do I sound like a little girl? Like, I don’t know, a mouse? I sound so weak in it and tiny and girly…I cringe everytime I hear myself! LOL! :P