That’s right! We’re finally getting to it! :)

IMG_0043Oh, and it’s me, Molly-Anne! I’m only your favorite mini doll ever, in case you’ve forgotten. I know it’s Mini Doll Monday but Madison remembered she has a review to do of the new doll outfit she bought at the American Girl store.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Mini Doll Monday without a mini doll, now would it? And what better mini doll to feature than my lovely self? ;)

I’m just kidding, of course. The other mini dolls are all awesome – they’re only my greatest friends! Which is why we can’t hurt their feelings. Let’s keep the fact of how I’m your favorite mini doll a secret, shall we?

Onto the review. Jasmine really, really wanted to model this outfit for you all. Madison agreed, since the outfit she was currently wearing for our newest stopmotion wasn’t too annoying to get on and off. (That’s right, a new video is in the makings! Stay tuned.) :)

For the mini doll part of today, I’m give you all another one of my challenges. Amidst the review, you will see pictures of the outfit we’re reviewing. In a few of the photos, I’ll peak in. Can you spot me in the photos? If you can correctly tell us in the comments how many photos I was in, you’ll get your name up here! Who’s going to be first place? :D

I’ll hand it off to Madison for the review now. Remember to be looking for me in each photo!

IMG_0053Hey, y’all! Madi here. Doesn’t Jasmine look great in Lea’s Celebration Outfit? I love the way she looks in it. It’s just so pretty!

And see how tiny that watermark is? My watermarking plug-in is going crazy, so you’ll see different sizes throughout the pictures for some odd reason. It’s so weird! I worked on it for an entire hour, and it won’t be the right size unless I put the images on this setting that downsizes the quality terribly. So I’ll just have a super tiny watermark until it gets fixed. :P

IMG_0060(What is that watermark doing? Now it’s big? What?)

Onto the review. Can you spot Molly-Anne? ;)

The dress itself is white with three tiers on the skirt. It features beautiful embroidery and a gold belt.

IMG_0063The bright, tropical colors of the embroidery suit Lea’s Brazillian theme perfectly.

IMG_0065This has to be one of my favorite parts of the dress. Look how detailed and gorgeous the embroidery on the top of the dress is. I love it!

IMG_0066The head band is made of beads and is attatched at the bottom with elastic, so it stretches over your doll’s head.

IMG_0067It goes really well with the dress.

IMG_0068The shoes are gold to match the belt. They feature a little butterfly on the toe with a rhinestone in the middle of it.

IMG_0069IMG_0070IMG_0071IMG_0072The belt is not a real one that goes all the way around. It’s sewn to the dress and attatches with it in the back with velcro, as you can see.

IMG_0084Lea Clark’s tag is on the bottom left hand corner of the dress.

IMG_0076Overall, Lea’s Celebration outfit has to be one of my very favorites! I honestly love it.

IMG_0077 IMG_0079 IMG_0081 IMG_0082A few more photos of Jasmine modeling it…

IMG_0086 IMG_0087 IMG_0088 That watermark just ruined the photo. -__-

IMG_0092The only complaint I have is how wrinkled it was when I took it out of the box. It’s creases kinda weird now, so the skirt does not flow out as nice as it should.

IMG_0093  IMG_0095“Molly-Anne? What is it?”

IMG_0096“You’re in too many photos! I need to be in more so they can have a better challenge!”

IMG_0094(that awful watermark!)

“Molly-Anne, you’re making it so easy for them. Everyone can see you!”


What do you think of Lea’s Celebration Outfit?

Oh, and how many photos was Molly-Anne in? The first person who comments below and guesses it correctly will win first place!


Madison, Molly-Anne and Jasmine

1st place: SierraMist
2nd place: Cady
3rd place: Grace

Honorable mentions:
Christian Homeschooler