Coconut here!

After dashing up the stairs to get away from those mean Barbies wanting to roast me and scare their little sister, I stopped to rest.

All of the sudden, one AG doll appeared on rollerskates and picked me up! MOLLY!!! boy was I ever glad to see her. I truly regretted running away, missing her birthday, and letting her down.

“Coconut,” she breathed, sitting down and setting me on her lap. “Why did you run away?”

I just licked her face as if to say, “I’m sorry!” she nestled her face in my soft, warm for. “Oh, I missed you SO much. Don’t ou ever run away like that again!”

Then she roller-skated with me in her hands home, to a house of happy dolls and a warm home.
I’m loved. 
Never running away.
And hope YOU never will.