Hey girls! Madison here. I know most of you heard the news about the AGFMB. It’s really sad, but at least American Girl Fan is still up and running. :) Today, my dolls and I set up our Christmas tree! Do you want to see how it went? The girls were so amazed.

“Eeek!” Molly said. “Today we put up our Christmas treeeeeeee!”

IMG_3377“Cécile! Oh my goodness! Just look at this mess on the floor! What were you THINKING, eating all this cracker, cheese and turkey sandwiches in here!” Josie was yelling. She then raved some more in Spanish. “I didn’t mean too,” Cécile squeaked, looking sad. “You guys! Stop fighting!” all heads turned to Molly.

“C’mon! I have a surprise for you girls” Josefina looked at Cécile. “Lo siento, Cécile, I’m sorry for yelling at you.” “It’s ok,” CéCé said. “Now what’s this surprise you’re talking about?” “Come with me,” Molly grinned. “And I’ll show you. I mean honestly, why just talk about it if you can actually give people the surprise, or in this case show them, and…”

In the other room, things were also a mess for Jasmine and Emilie. “How dirty!” Jasmine was saying. “Emilie! Leaving your hideous outfits on the floor!” Emilie shook her head. “Well you didn’t exactly hang up your trousers either!” “For the last time! They’re not called trousers! PANTS, Emilie! PANTS! Won’t you ever get that straight?”

Molly came in, NOT happy at the sound of things. “You guys, don’t fight! Everyone’s messy around the holidays. And trousers is just another words for pants in London, England, where Emilie is from. Plus, I have a surprise for ya’ll.” Jasmine looked at Emilie. “Sorry, Emilie,” Jasmine finally said. “No problem,” Emilie said, smiling. “I’m sorry too.”

“Alright, everyone, gather around for the surprise!” Molly cried.

Molly threw herself onto a big box and pulled and pulled. All the girls whispered and guessed what could be in the box. With a little bit of my help, Molly and I had the box pulled out.

“A CHRISTMAS TREEEEEE!” Everyone cried. “Well?” Molly laughed. “It’s about time we put up our Christmas tree. Can you believe Christmas is only twenty-three(23) days away?” The girls all grinned. “A Christmas tree!” Emilie said. “Wow!” Josefina and Cécile barely recognized it from last year when they arrived.

Desperately trying to set it up, Molly and Jasmine pushed and pulled, trying to get it to stand. “AHHHHHHH!” Jasmine screamed and big, green, bushy branches were coming toppling on her. “Hang on, Jasmine!” Molly cried, grabbing a hold of it. “Oh, it’s so heavy! I can’t get it off of you!”

So with the help of three more friends, the girls finally got the Christmas tree up!

“Wow! it looks amazing!” Emilie cried. “Uhhh…you do realize we haven’t even fluffed the branches yet, right?” Jasmine asked. “Oh.” said Emilie. “Don’t worry, we’ll all fluff this tree to make it as big and beautiful as ever!” Molly smiled.

“Make sure there is a lot of room at the bottom, so don’t fluff the branches to big around the bottom. After all, there has to be room for presents!” Jasmine said. All the girls stopped and looked at each other. Getting the odd feeling she had said something wrong, Jasmine stood up from fluffing the branches. Everyone was thinking, “Will there be any presents?” After all, with five dolls to make or buy presents for, even one, is a lot. Money was already tight.

Knowing what was going on in there little minds, I spoke up. “Of course you’re getting presents this year! Why else would we have such a beautiful tree?” five hopeful faces beamed with excitement. “And, who wants to help hang up the ornaments?” five little hands raised up in the air. It made me happy to see all my girls be so enthusiastic about this!

Everyone peered into an old tin bin, with a smudge on the top and the sides all bent and dented. Inside was much dust. Josefina blew, trying to get the dust out of the way, causing everyone to sneeze. “Sorry!” After the the dust clear, the girls could see the beloved little treasures inside the tin. (Molly, of course, knew what was inside there. After all, she was the only one who hung them up last year…)

“Cécile, don’t hang all the red ones in one spot!” Josefina was saying. “And just why not?” CéCé answered. “Well, because then we won’t have any other red ones for the rest of the tree!” Cécile finally gave in and took a few red ones off the branch so she could spread them about the rest of the tree.

Can I not tell you how much I ADORE this picture? Ooooooh, Christmas ornaments are so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE RED. AND SPARKLY. AND WHEN I TOOK THE PICTURE MYSELF! Oh isn’t it just absolutely gorgeous?

 In my opinion, sparkly Christmas ornaments/lights look so much better in the picture when blurred. Isn’t it pretty?

“Ok, girls, quit using the tinsel to loop through the ornaments and hang them up. I wanna save that for decorating the tree! Instead, use this green pipecleaner, or fuzzystick, to loop through and hang them up.” I said.

The tree looked beautiful!

Everyone got a turn to put tinsel on.

The tree was gorgeous!

A close up… “But….” everyone wondered. “Where’s Molly?”

Molly came in running. “As family tradition, the newest doll gets to place the star on top.”

“Though Emilie and I were opened on the same day, I was opened last, so, it makes me the newest doll,” Jazzy said matter-o-factly, reaching for the star. Emilie looked disappointed. “Well, since you were both opened on the same day, you have to put it up together!” Molly blurted out. “And how is that going to work?” Jasmine asked raising her eyebrow.

With the help of standing on a few AG boxes, the girls did it…

They put the star up!

The girls all stood around, amazed. The sun was just setting. It gave the place a good, content, happy feeling. What a wonderful way to end the day. Decorating the Christmas Tree together had definitely put them all in the Christmas spirit, Holiday mood and totally relaxed everyone.

Do your dolls have a doll-sized Christmas tree? You can get them about anywhere. I got this one at Target last year for only eight dollars. My dad chipped in an extra three dollars and got the ornaments, star and tinsel last year, too. Isn’t it pretty? Look out for an upcoming craft on how to make your own doll ornaments! I just can’t wait until Christmas. Happy early birthday, Jesus!


Madison (and Molly! And, Josefina…and Cécile…and Jasmine and Emilie! :) )