(our picture proudly watermarked by Abbie from Madness and Fun! You will see her blog link at the bottom of this post soon. DWOD = Delightful World of Dolls)

Hey! Some of the blogs, message board, and sites all centered around dolls we know, don’t get very many comments, views or even followers! :( That means less people seeing the AWESOMENESS that these sites have to offer. SO, here is THE chance to shout out your doll site, and we’ll post it here, for everyone who goes to Delightful World of Dolls(A LOT of people do) to see! The first person who comments with their site gets a SPECIAL shout out…

Example –

blahblahblah posted – 
yipee I’m a firstie! My blog is blahblahblah.

Blahblahbah’s doll site, BlahBlahBlah, is fun for all blahhers to see and get their blahs! Filled with fun blahs for creative and funny blahders, you’ll have fun blahhing your blahs out for the whole blahworld to see!

Get it? SO……

We’re shouting out your dolls sites with ME….ACTING! Acting is so fun to do. You get to be yourself. Be the character. Dramatize everything, and most of all, draw attention to your movements. It’s so fun! In this pose I’m about to step into an all-new adventure. ACT!
Are you ready to enter your site and get SHOUTED OUT?!
Go for it!
Special site –  Jaclynn’s site,  Little House of American Girl! In this small site, all wrapped up is Jaclyn’s life and love of American Girl dolls! Featuring crafts, updates, giveaways, photo-stories, videos, DIY’s, how-to’s and MORE, you will NEVER be bored with this here site! Be sure to pay Jaclynn and her amazing site a visit, and comment, too! :)

Sites added so far
*Abbie and a few other girl’s site, agransaroundtheworld.blogspot.com
*Kananirulz’s site, dollsondablog.blogspot.com
*Sparkie’s dolls’ site, fromadollseyes.blogspot.com