I’ve had this stopmotion completely planned out for the past three months but am only now getting to work on it!

I’m pretty excited for it. At first, I called it All-Nighter Perils, but Strike of the Sleep Deprivation sounds a lot better.

I’ve plotted it out using a three-act structure as well as proper scene structure, so I can’t wait to see how you like the plot compared to my other AGSMs.

Chloe is the protagonist. She suffers from… well, let her tell you in the following intro!

The music and voiceovers won’t stay; I just put them in real quick so you could get an idea. I have yet to perfect Chloe’s unique voice tone, pick out the perfect music, and make a featured image for it.

But I hope you enjoy these first six clips!

There are 79 clips; I have six filmed already, and I film 12 clips a week… so I hope to be finished filming in about eight weeks (it should only take me 6.5 weeks but I have a small vacation in the middle).

Editing, though… ?

I also can’t wait for the filming to be over.

My dolls have all been in their PJs for the past three months and I have a ton of other photostory and photoshoot ideas but for the entire film they have to be in their PJs, in their beds. ?

Maybe I should film faster. XD

What do you think of the stopmotion? What doll projects are you working on? Let’s be accountability buddies to overcome procrastination. ?