Hey dollies and their mommies! ;) Sorry I haven’t been posting lately! Thanksgiving sure ‘stuffs’ you! Haha! OK, So today we have this really fun, cute, and simple craft! PHOTO’S!!! That’s your cue! Where the taco are you?!

Oh! Here we are! *ach-hem* excuse me. I was cooking Thanksgiving rolls at the moment. My dress is not fit for cooking, but I wore it any way for the special occasion! :)

The roll mix! *ach-hem* Can we please get on with the crafts? HURRY UP, photos!

Now, where the taco are my craft supplies……….

TURKEY!!! Trace your hand (doesn’t my hand look BEAUTIFUL?!) and cut it out. (of the paper) Cute a beak and the little red wobbly thingy out of paper, add a googly eye, glue your contents on and you have a cute little turkey! You can add feathers, too, if you want to! Gobble gobble! xD