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~Jasmine’s POV~ IMG_0152“Hi, I’m Demetria.”

I didn’t know it then, but I was looking into the same sincere eyes of the girl that would do the unthinkable.

IMG_0155I looked up at the face smiling at mine. “I’m Jasmine,” I returned. “Nice to meet you.”

“I just wanted to say that you’re really flexible.” The girl, Demetria, began with admiration – or was it jealousy? – in her voice.

“Thanks!” I exclaimed, my expression brighter.

IMG_0156I slid into my middle splits as Demetria slid into her left ones and she continued, “How long did it take you to master your splits?”

“Not too terribly long. I think I might be naturally flexible or something like that.” I answered.

“Wow,” Demetria smiled. “It took me a very long time to get mine.”

“Demetria!” A man’s voice called.

IMG_0157“Oh, that’s my coach. Gotta go.” Demetria sprang up from the floor to walk to her coach.

“Good luck!” I called to her as she left.

“You too!”

IMG_0158She seems nice, I reflected as I finished my last stretch.

I was wrong.

Warmups were over, and I heard my name called by my coach. I stood up and jogged over to Coach Josie in her signature coaching outfit.

IMG_0159“Vault starts in a few minutes. You’re up second.”

I nodded, fighting the butterflies in my stomach. You’re too awesome to be nervous. I reminded myself vainly. It didn’t work much.

Coach Josie turned to Molly. Molly and I were the best gymnasts on the AG All Stars team, which our sister Josefina coached (it consisted of all of us :P), so we where chosen for the regional tryouts.

“Okay, Molls, you’re right after Jasmine on vault. Remember your form.” Coach Josie reminded Molly, who simply nodded.

“I’ll do my best,” she promised.

“That’s all you can do.” Josefina reassured.

IMG_0160“Emelie has my music, right?” I asked Coach Josie.

“Yes. She’s given it to the sound booth already.”


IMG_0161Vault, bars, and beam flew by faster than ever. A gymnast named Brianna Greene was first place so far, with myself in close second and Demetria in third.

But the next event would change everything.

IMG_0163Brianna Greene seemed unstoppable until floor came. She fell and broke her ankle.

IMG_0167So now I was in first, with Demetria in second and a girl named Hallie Lark in third. Molly was right behind Hallie and hoped more than anything she would land one of the three spots.

IMG_0168Floor was the last event – and my best. As I slid into my starting position I knew that first place spot was mine.

IMG_0172I knew the perfect music for my floor routine, and had gotten the instrumental track for it so there would be no deduction for any words.

But when the time came for the words to start in the regular version, they actually did! This wasn’t the instrumental track at all!

IMG_0170I kept going, knowing that stopping and losing focus would result in a bigger point deduction than music with words would.

IMG_0175When I had finished my floor routine, I struck a proud finishing pose, but inside I was infuriated and felt like crying.

IMG_0177Distraught and stunned with grief, I walked back to Coach Josie. She began to say something, but I caught Demetria’s eye as she walked out of the sound booth and didn’t hear a word of what Coach had said. I narrowed my eyes at her and knew at once she had done it.

IMG_0178As Demetria slid into the beginning pose for her floor routine, I glared at her. Coach Josie didn’t know what on earth had happened with my music, but I did. I knew Demetria Dare had cheated.

And I also knew that I was no longer first place. I wasn’t second. I wasn’t even third! On the scoreboard I was fifth. My dream was completely ruined. And it was all Demetria’s fault.

IMG_0179I sat, defeated, while Coach Josie hugged an elated Molly who had just won third place. Demetria won first with Hallie Lark in second, but I didn’t feel like congratulating any of them. I didn’t feel like tattling, either. Nothing would make up for my deduction with the music.

IMG_0185I didn’t want to give Demetria the satisfaction of letting out my long, shaking sobs, but I couldn’t stop the silent tears that escaped.

I hated Demetria Dare. How could anyone be that desperate to win that they would destroy a girl’s dream like that?


IMG_0169I was startled from my flashback just in time, for I was about to begin crying again. All my roommates stood up and cheered.

“Who won?” I asked reluctantly, hoping it wasn’t Demetria.

“Nobody yet,” Cécile informed me. “But Molly is on her last event and needs all the support she can get!”

IMG_0170I watched sadly as Molly saluted to the judges. She was about to begin her floor routine, and if she didn’t win, Demetria Dare would.

I held my breath as she walked to the spot where she would slid down into her beginning pose. I saw her lips mouth Philippians 4:13, and I wondered, will she win?

Thanks to my awesome little brother for helping me with the photos of the dolls flipping!

LOLOL! Was “Will she win?” the lamest cliffhanger or what? Anyway, hope you like this so far. I’ll post part 5 on Wednesday!

How many of you think Molly will win third place?
How many of you think Demetria will win third place? 

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