Bonjour! It is I, the one and only Cecile Rey! Today, me and my sister Josefina went out to eat. Molly said she had to go to her ‘job’. She has a job?! That I did not know. Anyways, on to the pictures!!

“A Table for two,” I asked politely as we entered the “Doll Tea Boutique”. “Right this way,” the waitress responded. I almost choked with laughter. Molly was the waitress! She knew we were doing a photo-story today and probably wanted to help out. And now, here was the waitress, clearly known as Molly. How funny! 

 The waitress handed us our menus and then said she’d be back in a few minutes.

 Sure enough, in a few minutes, there she was. “Are you ready to order?” our waitress asked.

A quick look at the menu told me all I needed to know. I ran the order over Josefina to make sure she agreed with what we were ordering. “We’ll each take the peas, carrots and steak special, please.” I ordered. “And just ice water to drink.” The waitress scribbled the order down in her notepad and announced, “Coming right up!”

 After chatting for a few minutes with Josefina about the long walk on over here, the waitress returned with our food. “Yummy!” I exclaimed. “Merci!

Soon, the peas, carrots and steak were devoured. The “Doll Tea Boutique” deserved a five-star rating in my opinion!

 I paid for the meal, then left the dishes for the waitress to come and pick up.

 And I left a tip on the table for the waitress; Molly sure appreciated that!

Au Reviour! (Aw-reh-vwahr) Goodbye! Hope you liked it, girls. We loved our time out together, and Molly liked being waitress-for-a-day! ;)

Merci for reading!

(with Josefina and Molly!)