^ My dolls ready to be transported to the outdoors, where the next set of scenes has yet to be filmed!

I’ve been working on my stop motion movie lately, including making props, filming the first indoor scenes, and getting my sewing machine out for the first time since we moved here! I haven’t used it in about three years! I’m having to re-teach myself how to thread and then use it, haha… which could either be disastrous or enjoyable. Or both. I haven’t started sewing the costumes yet, so we’ll see.

I also have the first twenty-three seconds of my stop motion movie finished! I also need to make a new DWOD intro including Taryn and Katy Christine. I’m thinking about letting you see the 23 seconds I have of the actual movie so far, but… it gives away the title, so… I don’t know…

Oh, I know what I can do instead! Share some tests! I made these when figuring out the new camera’s settings I was using, the best way to export it with iStopMotion, and the perfect aspect ratio. Basilmentos’ advice was helpful for my American Girl doll giveaway stopmotion, but I found out I needed some different quality settings for the different camera and it took me quite a while to figure them out. LOL! Here they are!

I’m so happy the quality settings are finally all figured out! Phew. :P

We also finished building the set for the big indoor scenes! This is where a lot of the film will be taking place. Thank you again to my awesome dad for making it all work, my mom and little bro for helping out at the end, and myself for helping the entire time, although I shouldn’t say that last part because that would be rude. Hey, wait a sec- ?

Aaaanyway, would you like to see it?

I know what you’re thinking. Um, Madi, that looks a little… beat up…

Don’t worry, my friend. I don’t have anything figured out though I pretend to I have everything figured out. This is a peasant’s home. But that’s all I can say… we wouldn’t want to give the plot away this early, would we? ?

Did I mention sewing some costumes earlier? I’m very excited for that! They’re simple costumes, so they shouldn’t be too hard. At least, I hope not. My sewing machine skills haven’t been used in years, so who knows how the costumes could turn out? Beware the 1900-something 500-pound sewing machine combined with my horrendous seamstressness.

But hey, at least I have some crafting skills that aren’t as rusty! Any guesses on what these adorable things are?

Wait a second. I have nine dolls, but there are ten of these things…

What’s this? I bought someone something? Ohh, that’s right! I did!

But I must not tell you who she what it is yet. That would give too much away! *shoos the idea with her hands* Moving on! How can I distract you from this piece of information?

Oh, hey, I know!

I’ll reveal the first few scenes and the title of my stop motion movie!

If you would like to see the first 23 seconds (the title is revealed in the video), just comment below and tell me so! You will need to be commenting with a valid email. I have the video uploaded privately to YouTube and will only be able to share it with you that way. Be sure to first ask an adult if you need to!

Just a quick note – the terrible voiceovers are not permanent. They are just quick test ones I made so I would know what I wanted to say and where. It’s raining in the background so it sounds quite awful. XD

Just comment below and tell me if you would like to see the sneak peek! It’s okay if you really don’t care. XD Do you have anything exciting that you’re working on?