Don’t miss the end. I have something exclusive to share with you. ;)

Hey, everyone! Thanks for coming to this post today! There have been a few awards and tags going around on the blogosphere, and – don’t worry – I know what you’re thinking. “Ugh. A post with a boatload of questions and answers. BOOORING!”

Think again, my friend! Just keep reading.

Delightful World of Dolls was nominated for some of them! Can you believe it?! I was so excited and thankful! It really means a lot to know you guys think of my blog when choosing nominees! :D

Now, what do I want you to think again about?

I’ve read quite a few award and tags posts in my day, and while some of them can be boring, there are also some that are fascinating and interesting to read. I hope this post will be one of those posts – along the way, you’ll see pictures of my dolls and of me as I answer these tags and awards! That way you are not bored out of your mind with a boatload of questions and answers you may or may not care to read. ;)

And don’t miss the end!

But you still might want to make sure you are comfortable. You should probably have a snack and read this post during a relaxing break or something. I have not answered awards in a very long time because I thought people would get bored… so there are quite a few I need to answer… :P

First we have the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award from Halo and Nikki!

Thank you SOOO much, Halo and Nikki! That means a lot to me, and thank you both for thinking of me! :D

Halo’s questions:

That’s three days after I received my first American Girl doll, Molly! Excuse my funny face. I make a lot of those, I just don’t tend to post pictures of them online…
1) Why and when did you start collecting dolls?

I started collecting dolls when I was very, very young. My first doll was probably a Barbie or a baby doll. As for why, I loved pretending that I was their mother! ;) I collected American Girl dolls because I loved the American Girl books and website, and when I met my best friends, I saw that they had American Girl dolls, and I wanted one very badly. I got Mini Molly in 2010 and my first 18″ AG doll, Molly, in 2011! :D

2) Do you have any siblings?
Only the best siblings anyone could ever have! ;) I have a younger brother named Russell – he’s turning 12 this April and he is one of my best friends! I also have an older sister named Makenzie – she turned 23 on December 29th. She has amazing advice. :D

3) What’s your favorite school subject (or was your favorite school subject)
AHH! How can I choose?! I love History (thanks to American Girl!) and Language Arts (writing a 5k essay? Alright! I’ll do it in my sleep!), but I just can’t choose between them! ?

The original Delightful World of Dolls header, made at the very end of 2012 – or the start of 2013, I can’t remember! LOL!
4) Why did you start a doll blog?
I started a doll blog because I wanted to share with the world all of Molly’s adventures, just like the owner of the blog Julie’s Jumbles (I can’t find the blog anymore :( ) did with her Google Picasa albums!

5) What’s your favorite kind of music?
As in genre? I love praise & worship and Christian dance, pop, and electronica! I also adore dramatic, epic, and inspiring instrumental tracks that I use for my stopmotions. ?

6) Do you have any special talents?
Well, I don’t want to brag, but… :P I like to believe God has given me a talent for writing and blogging, and I also enjoy singing, acting, and dancing, but I’m not extremely talented at them. ;) I also believe I am gifted in photography, film production, among other random artistic things… XD I hope to bring God glory in everything I do! :D

7) Do you collect anything else besides dolls?
Stickers! ? I love decorating notebooks, letters, and envelopes with them (watch out, penpals! If your letter and envelope are overloaded with stickers, you’ll know it’s from me before you even look at the return address… ?)

8) What’s your favorite movie?
Do You Believe was pretty awesome, but honestly, I’ve watched so many great ones that none really stand out to me as my favorite. :P In 2015, I did go through a phase where I was obsessed with this one spy movie… It’s not my favorite anymore, though. ;)

9) What’s your favorite book?
Does the Bible count? ;)  The book I’m writing is my favorite, too. That sounds conceited, but I really, really love my book. LOL!

10) What place would you like to travel to?
Peru! My brother and I have been invited to preach there and we can’t wait to fly over and do a little tag-team message at their orphanage. It would also be an incredible honor to finally meet the amazing missionaries that the money I make off of this site goes to, as well as the orphans I’ve raised money for and prayed for all these years.

Thank you so very much for the award, Halo! It was so fun to answer all of your questions. You are so sweet to think of me! ❤️

Nikki’s questions:

1. What’s your favorite season?
Gosh, that’s a hard one! If I’m in Texas, I love… all of them. ? If I’m in Florida, fall and winter. Definitely. The latter part of fall where it begins to cool down and then all of glorious winter where we get some relief from the humidity… ?

2. Do you like to dress in vintage-style clothes?
Not really – I think that would be fun, but I don’t have any vintage-style clothes to begin with. LOL! I did have a few vintage-style dresses when I was younger, though, and I loved dressing up and playing olden-day games with them. Actually, if given the chance, I still do… ?

3. Do you prefer colored Christmas tree lights, or white ones?
I think both are beautiful, but I really love the colored ones we have on ours! :D

4. Do you have any hobbies?
Why, I thought you’d never ask! XD Just kidding. My hobbies include blogging, reading, writing, dancing, acting, singing, crafting, sewing, anything artsy, gymnastics, photography, movie-making, photo-editing, collecting American Girl dolls, and talking (especially talking).

5. What’s your favorite kind of cake?
Chocolate, of course! Double or triple chocolate, preferably. ;)

6. Do you prefer white, milk or dark chocolate? 
Mmm, milk chocolate! Dove milk chocolates are the best.

7. Do you like to sing?
Yes! According to my old musical theater teacher, I can carry a tune well. But I’m not, ahem, the greatest at it… just ask my brother. ?

8. Do you like Disney movies? (If so, which one is your favorite?)
Yes! Moana is my favorite – it sounds ridiculous, I know, and I NEVER cry at movies, but Moana was the only move that actually made me tear up. I could not believe it. I also like Rogue One (did you know that Disney owns Star Wars?)!

9. What do you like to do in the summer?

My best friend and I at the last Lorfing family vacation in 2015 – my best friends were invited that year! I told you I make weird faces… XD
I don’t take summer off from school, but I do take vacation off. We usually travel to Texas for both ministry and vacation trips in the summer, and I make the best memories ever! The Lorfing family tradition is for the Lorfing family to all rent a beach house together for a week or two in Galveston or Bolivar, TX. We have so much fun going to the beach and swim parks, making delicious food, setting off fireworks, spying on neighbors playing games with cousins… But in 2016 the family schedules conflicted and the tradition was broken for the first time in 30 years. :o So 2016’s summer was a little different, but I still had the most amazing summer ever!

10. Do you like old TV shows?
I do! I don’t watch a lot of TV, but my family and I really like The Andy Griffith Show.

Thank you SO much again, Nikki! You are so incredibly sweet to think of me for this award!

Okay, I’ll be nominating five bloggers! Those five absolutely amazing bloggers are:

You guys inspire me so much and definitely deserve this award! Even if you don’t have time to answer my questions below, I want you to know that you guys are absolutely amazing and I love your blogs so much! :D

My questions:

  1. How long have you been blogging?
  2. What is the worst blog post you think you’ve ever done?
  3. What blog post are you the most proud of?
  4. Which blogs/bloggers inspired you the most when you first started?
  5. Have you ever wanted to quit or take a break from blogging? Why?
  6. What motivates you to keep blogging?
  7. Do you have a least favorite part about blogging?
  8. What is your favorite part about blogging?
  9. What is the hardest part about having a blog?
  10. Share your favorite blogging tip with the world. You rock!

And here is the Awesome Food Award from Nikki and Sunny!

There was not a picture for it, so… I made one! ?

Thank you girls SO much! This should be a really fun award to answer. Food happens to be one of my favorite things. ?

Nikki’s questions:

1. What’s you favorite kind of foreign food? (Italian, Indian, Chinese, etc.)
Japanese! Sushi and dumplings and hibachi – yes, please! :D

2. What’s your favorite desert?
Anything chocolate. Hehehe. ?

3. Do you like fruit?
Yes, I do! My favorite fruits include pears, plums, peaches, mandarine oranges, tangerines, and certain kinds of apples. :D

4. Are you allergic to any kinds of food?
I used to have a very bad gluten sensitivity and battled juvenile arthritis for years, but I know I am healed in Jesus’ name and everyday I’m getting better. :D

5. Chocolate cake or plain vanilla cake?
Chocolate, hands down! ?

Read What Molly is Thankful for this Year (Mostly Food)
6. Do you like cheese?

Yes, but not an overload of it. :P

7. What’s your favorite kind of candy?
Chocolate. ? I also like Skittles, cherry sours, and *gasps* HOW COULD I FORGET?! Watermelon Sourpatch gummies! :D

8. Beef, chicken, or pork?
Mmm, chicken. :D

9. Do you like shellfish? (Yuck!:P)
I don’t believe I’ve ever tried it, but I am not a very picky person when it comes to food (well, my siblings would tell you different XD), so I bet that I’d think it’s okay if I did taste it. :D

10. Do you like foods with a lot of herbs, or not?
For me, that depends on the dish, but not usually. I’m pretty simple when it comes to seasonings and herbs. :D

That was really fun, Nikki! Your questions are awesome! Thank you so much again!

Sunny’s questions:

1. Absolute favourite food of all time that you couldn’t live without?
Well, I can live without my favorite foods. :P I’m not the best at picking favorites, though… I like food in general. XD But chocolate is pretty awesome. ;)

2. Do you like spicy food?
I do not, but I will eat it if that’s what put in front of me. ;) I’m trying to grow my tolerance for spicy food, and since my dad and my brother love spicy Indian cuisine, it’s starting there… ?

3. What’s something you refuse to eat?
In our family, we’re allowed one food that we’re not forced to eat, but I actually don’t have one! Crazy salad combinations aren’t my favorite, but I’ll eat them. I’m not a picky person (but of course, my siblings would probably tell you different XD) when it comes to food… I like food. XD

Read A Wild Kratt Adventure… ~A Photostory~
4. What’s your favourite pizza topping?

I’m actually a simple pizza eater… I’m not super big on toppings. :D But I do think pepperoni is yummy!

5. What did you last eat for breakfast?
The morning that I began writing this post, I had an egg-and-cheese burrito made by my mom. It was very delicious. :D

6. What did you last eat for lunch?
A tortilla and some chicken and vegetable soup. Actually, I scooped all the chicken out of my soup and wrapped it in my tortilla, then proceeded to steal all the tortillas that my brother didn’t eat and then grab more chicken out of the soup pot to wrap up in them. And that is probably why my siblings think I’m picky. XD

7. What did you last eat for dinner?
What did I eat for dinner? Hmm… Oh, yes! It was lemon-butter fish, asparagus, and a brown rice and veggie thing I didn’t particularly like. XD I guess I am a little bit picky, but I ate some of it. XD

8. Do you have snacks?
Yep. ? I eat a lot of food, which drives all of my family crazy because I’m skinny no matter what. :P Nearly everyone who knows me in real life calls me The Bottomless Pit. XD

9. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?
Rocky road! YUM. I also love Tahitian vanilla bean gelato and world class chocolate (of course ;) ). I don’t eat ice cream/sugary stuff a lot because we like to be organic and all-natural, but on special occasions we like having root beer floats with chocolate ice cream – someone should invent chocolate-root-beer flavor… Ahem. Back to the questions. XD

10. What’s your favourite restaurant to go to?
I have been to quite a few restaurants, and none of them really stick out in my mind as my favorite… I like hibachi and sushi places, but there’s this really awesome restaurant called The Melting Pot that is AMAZING. It’s expensive, though, so we only go there for really special occasions. :D

That was SO fun, Sunny! Thank you so much again!

I get to nominate ten other bloggers, and those bloggers are…

My questions:

  1. How often do you eat dessert?
  2. How often do you eat out?
  3. What is your favorite place to eat out at?
  4. Do you cook? If so, what’s your favorite dish you’ve made?
  5. Favorite pasta?
  6. Favorite drink?
  7. Favorite flavor of gum?
  8. Do you buy snacks for yourself?
  9. When was the last time you had cake?
  10. Have you ever dreamed about food?

Here is The Music Award from Daisymermaid! Thank you so much! I’ve wanted to do this one for a while. ?

The rules:

-Write ten songs that come on shuffle (no skipping)

-Write your favorite lyrics from each song

-Tag some people

Ooh, yikes, no shuffling? My music library is humungous. I have hundreds, if not thousands, of songs I have never even listened to. But alright, here goes…

I skipped the first one because it was instrumental. Ha ha ha. :P

1. Ready for Home by Capital Kings
So if you’re leaving with us sing it out loud, living’ it right there ain’t no doubt, if you’re with us sing it out loud, we’re followin’ the Light yeah

The second one that shuffled is one I’ve never listened to, so I skipped it anyway. I have a ton of songs from my dad’s ginourmously colossally MASSIVE worship music library that I’ve never heard of, so I will skip some and break the rules ’cause I can. HAHA! XD

2. Let the Heavens Open (Live) by Kari Jobe
Well, my favorite part is this part where two people are singing at once and I don’t know the second person’s lyrics. *facepalm* but I can make out Kari Jobe’s part, which is Let the Heavens open, let Your kingdom move, all our faith and hope, our great God

3. Tell Me the Story of Jesus by Kim Walker-Smith (my favorite worship leader!)
Tell Me the story of Jesus, write on my heart every word 

4. My Soul Longs for You by Misty Edwards
Hallelujah, hallelujah, You make all things new, all things new

5. Forever (Live) by Rodney Howard-Browne
Forever He is glorified, forever He is lifted high! Forever He is risen, He is alive, He is alive

The sixth song was the same song by another artist, so I skipped it. XD

6. You, You Are God by Christ for the Nations
You, You are God, You are Lord, You are all I’m living for. You are King, of everything, I want my life to praise You 

7. Who I Am by Blanca
I’m runnin’ to the One Who holds me, Who made every part of me in His hand / ’cause I know, ’cause I know, I know who I am

8. Open Up Heaven by Kim Walker
Heaven opens, over me I’m, saturated in love / open up Heaven, we will party with the angels, there is nothing better; we’re ready for, encounters with You

9. Brave Edit by Moriah Peters (That was a clip of the chorus of the song Brave by Moriah Peters I created so I could play just that for my alarm. It seriously wakes you up.)
And make me BRAVE fight like a soldier BRAVE rise like a warrior BRAVE won’t stop ’til the final day (woah-oh-oh) BRAVE I wanna be stronger BRAVE gonna be bolder BRAVE look up and I’ll see the way, You make me brave

10. Holy Sprit (Live) by Rodney Howard-Browne
Actually, I really, really don’t like this song. Ironic it should play… everyone in my family knows I seriously dislike it. :P It’s an amazing song, don’t get me wrong, but they play it so much at my church and I had so many mortifying and miserable memories with it there that I think I want to shrivel up and die every time I hear it. Especially my church’s version, which is what this tenth song is. XD My first year and a half of ministry training was, um, awful, to say the least, and this song reminds me of it. :P It’s sad, ’cause I used to really love this song. :P But the lyrics, however, are amazing. Maybe if I made a different tune to them, I’d like ’em better… Here are my favorite lyrics: I’ve tasted and seen of the sweetest of loves Yeah, that’s the beginning and about all I can stand before I melt into a pool of despair. XD

Well, that ended on a little bit of a negative tone, so I’ll shuffle one more song. ;)

11. Things Are Getting Better by American Girl
Hey! What do you know? It’s DWOD’s current theme song for my stopmotions! I actually ripped this song from the Chrissa movie trailer, and it may or may not have been slightly illegal. *shrugs* YouTube didn’t mark me for copyright, so I think I’m good. ;) I love all the song, and it’s a short, less-than-30-second clip, so I’ll just type all of the lyrics. I love them all. ;)
Things are getting better, things are getting better, woah-oh-oh. Yeah-ah. Things are getting better, things are getting better, woah-oh-oh. Yeah-ah!


I’ll be nominating some people for this tag, and those people are:

That is all. :P

Thank you so much again, Daisymermaid, for this super fun tag! I really enjoyed it. :D

The original image didn’t work for a long time, so I made a new one that I LOVED, but then I found the old one. Aw, man. XD

Chloe and Audrey both nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you SO much, guys! Y’all are so sweet to think of me. ❤️

The rules:

1. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator.
2. Nominate 11 blogs.
3. Ask them 11 questions

Chloe’s questions

1. Chocolate or vanilla?
Oh, chocolate. Hands down. 

2. How long have you been blogging for?
Four years and almost two months! :D

3. Share a random fact about yourself.
I love books, but lately, haven’t read them as much as I used to.*horrified gasps from book lovers* I know, shame on me. :P I have a valid excuse, though. I’m writing a novel. ;)

4. What’s the weather like where you live right now?
Thankfully, it’s still winter here in Florida! The weather was beautiful the morning I began typing this post – 75 degrees and cloudy. I went out to swing to have some time with God and there was so much wind, it felt AMAZING. My hair also looked like a mad scientist’s by the time I came inside – so much so that my dad took four different blackmail shots of me to show my future husband one day. *facepalm*

5. Which do you prefer? Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s? (If you have ever been to one of them. They are both craft stores)
Ooh, that’s hard. Michael’s has neat doll clothes, but Hobby Lobby is off the chain! I’d have to say Hobby Lobby. :D

6. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Rocky road, Tahitian vanilla bean gelato, and world class chocolate. :D

7. Favorite book?
The Bible, of course, but if you’re looking for a more diverse answer, then my own novel… ?

8. Favorite season?
In Florida, Autumn and winter. In Texas, I love them all. ?

9. Do you like French Fries?
Yep. :D

10. What do you like to do in your spare time?
Spare time? What’s that?

I have lots of hobbies, but only a few of them are my passion and part of my ministry (both blogging and writing). I don’t do all of these very often, but I’ll paste them again: blogging, reading, writing, dancing, acting, singing, crafting, sewing, anything artsy, gymnastics, photography, movie-making, photo-editing, collecting American Girl dolls, and talking (especially talking).

11. Coffee or tea?
*gasp* You’re going to make me choose?! Coffee is phenomenal when you’re up ‘till 3:30 AM working on your website and have to make it to Bible school @ 9, but tea is for any occasion. I’d have to say… tea. *whispers to Starbucks gift card* Don’t worry, mocha frappé, you still have a place in my heart! :P ?

Thank you SOOO very much again, Chloe! I loved answering your questions, and I’m honored you thought of me when listing blogs to nominate!

Audrey’s questions:

What’s your shoe size?
7 and a half, I think. :P

Do you watch Once Upon a Time? (SAY YES SO I CAN FANGIRL WITH YOU)
Nope. XD

What kind of writing utensil do you prefer?
I love thick pens with a ton of ink. :D

If you had to dye your hair a unnatural color, what color would you choose?
I would never dye my hair an unnatural color… XD But if I had to, maybe some dark red streaks. That would be cool if I suddenly turned into a rockstar or something. Which, considering my singing voice according to my siblings, should never happen.

Quick, look to your left! What’s the first thing you see?
To my left is the wall with a bunch of random school stuff on it; Adverbs for Essays, Banned Verbs, Troublesome Verbs, Measures of Capacity, a map of the United States, some leaf diagrams, the Periodic Table of Elements, and a few Veritas Press New Testament, Greece and Rome History cards. :D

What kind of pants are you wearing?
My jean capri – they’re all I’ve been wearing for the past four days. XD We’re attending a week-long conference (it’s four times a year, in case you remember me saying that before) and the beginning of it I can dress casual. Toward the latter end of the week, more and more ministers from all over the world fly in, so we dress nicer and I’ll be probably wearing leggings under skirts or dresses instead. I really like my jean capri, though. XD

If you had to become anyone else in the world, who would you be?
But… but… I would never want to be anyone but me ? Okay, if I had to choose, I’ve always imagined what it would be like to be this one blogger I look up to, but I don’t want to say who ’cause that would be awkward. XD

What’s the meaning of life?

Me preaching in 2015; thank you to Revival Ministries International for the picture
Check out Mark 16:15. I live my life by the most epic mic-drop of all time. ?

Why did you start blogging?
I wanted to chronicle the life and adventure of my first American Girl doll, Molly! :D

If you had to describe the color yellow to a blind person, what would you say?
I would pray and believe with them together, they’d get healed, and they could see the color yellow for themselves to save me the trouble of trying to think up a creative and beautiful sentence describing it.

Google or Bing? (I know what you’re going to say, Megan.)
Actually, I had a whole conversation about this with some online friends in December. XD I’m still very undecided. I mean, Google tracks you and knows everything about you that you say online and will one day team up with evil facial recognition software that’s against Christianity and could recognize me walking down the street in an unreached nation one day where I’m illegally preaching or something and *hyperventilates* On the other hand, Bing doesn’t have as many search results or as much cool stuff.

And I’ll leave my decision at that.

Thank you SO much for nominating me, Audrey! I had a LOT of fun answering your awesome questions, and thank you so much for thinking of me! :D

Now, to nominate 11 blogs…

My questions:

  1. What inspired you to start your blog?
  2. How well do you like the design of your blog?
  3. What are your blogging goals for 2017?
  4. What was your favorite blogging memory of 2016?
  5. How do you come up with inspiration for a blog post?
  6. Which blog post of yours is your favorite?
  7. What is your favorite thing to blog on – computer, phone, laptop, etc.?
  8. How long does it usually take you to make a blog post?
  9. What do you think is the hardest part of blogging?
  10. What do you think is the easiest part of blogging?
  11. What is your favorite part about blogging?

The original image went missing… so I created a new one. :D
Lucky nominated me for The One Lovely Blog Award! Thank you SOOO much, Lucky! You are so sweet and kind! ❤️

The rules:

Thank the person who nominated you and give a link to their blog
Write a post about this award
Share 7 facts about yourself
Nominate at most 15 people

Best. Award. Ever. I get to do nothing but talk and ramble, which are some of my favorite hobbies. This should be AWESOME.

*cracks knuckles* You have been warned.

  1. I have Invisalign! A very interesting experience, very interesting indeed. Actually, I’m eating something right now and my teeth are very sore, so it hurts. Ow.
  2. My hilarious and amazing missionary friend tells me that he thinks that if I had to spend an entire year on an island without anyone else, I’d be just fine, ’cause I make myself laugh so much. Maybe too much. It’s true. Sometimes I’ll just think about something and I’ll bust out laughing at quiet moments and everyone’s like “WHAT’S SO FUNNY?!” Other times I’m just laughing hysterically at/to myself. XD
  3. The villain characters are my favorites. And when my friends and I play games together, I am always the bad guy. XD Beware of my maliciously evil laughs.
  4. I talk really fast. So much so that my old drama teacher got seriously annoyed at me whenever we did a Pippi Longstocking skit and I was Pippi… XD I have to really focus on slowing down whenever I’m preaching. ?
  5. I’m kind of a tomboy, kind of a girly-girl… I’m the kind of person who would climb a tree or a fence or do something daring but (try to) look fabulous while doing it, if that makes any sense. XD
  6. I THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE THE EASIEST THING IN THE WORLD BUT I LITERALLY CANNOT THINK OF ANY MORE RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME ? Ahem. I’m really dramatic… There! I found one! ? My sister would tell you I am an extreme drama queen. :P
  7. I LOVE to swing outside and listen to music. I should’ve put that down as one of my hobbies. XD Sometimes I’ll spend time with God when the house is noisy, but most of the time I just go out there to take little breaks and do something enjoyable. Like, really enjoyable – that’s one of my favorite things to do. I think I wrote an entire diary entry about it. XD I love listening to my favorite songs and just letting my imagination roam wild. I get some of the best story, stopmotion, post, and movie ideas that way. IT IS SO FUN, GUYS.

Well, that was weird.

Thank you SO much again, Lucky! That was really fun, and you’re so sweet to think of me! :D

I nominate:

Did you guys survive?! It’s good practice, because I’ve got more to do. :P


Kellyn, Ginnie, and Manta all nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award! Thank you all so very much! That means so much to me, and you guys are so sweet to think of my blog and I!

The rules:

1~ Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
2~ Write a post to show your award
3~ Give a brief story of how your blog started
4~ Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
5~ Select 15 other bloggers for this award
6~ Comment on each blog to let them know you nominated them and link to the post you created.

How Delightful World of Dolls Started

It was late October of 2012. I had been having so much fun and many adventures with my American Girl doll, Molly. I had been reading photostories from American Girl Fan and from a Google Picasa album belonging to a blog called Julie’s Jumbles. I wanted one very badly, but God told my dad that having a blog instead would be a better option. Oh, it was! On November 1st, 2012, we began toying around with Blogger, and on November 4th, I – er, Molly – made her first post! Delightful World of Dolls has grown from there, moving to WordPress, becoming its own domain, and so much more. It has been AMAZING to share this blogging with journey with you – yep, you! Thanks for reading! :D

As for advice for new bloggers, let me think… Okay.

1. Don’t compare yourself to other blogs. Learn from others and see what brought their blog to where it is today, but don’t obsess over them and feel like your blog will never be good enough.

2. You’re blogging for you! Well, mostly. If you run a Christian blog for teens or something like that, then you’re blogging for Jesus. But my point is that you should make posts that you want to read. Posts that make you laugh, make you cry, make you smile… Your readers come to your blog because they love your posts. Your posts are a reflection of you; so post what you want to. :D (And if someone has the audacity to comment rudely on one of your posts, good riddance. Wonder why on earth they even bothered to comment at all if they didn’t like the post anyway. XD)

I nominate:


Thank you SO much, Kellyn, for nominating me! I smiled when I saw my name listen at the bottom of your post. :D

The rules:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you (and a link if you’re willing).
  2. Nominate 5-10 blogs (links too!).
  3. Answer the 13 questions given, and give the definition of your favorite (or just beautiful) word.
  4. Ask 13 questions of your own. They must all be about writing, reading, books or book characters. Make them as creative/wacky/selcouth as can be!
  5. Post the rules and include the award in your post.

What fictional character are you in love with and why? Would you marry thist fictional character?
I don’t think I’m in love with any fictional character… ?

What fictional character is your BFF and why? Would you displace your BFF in real life for this fictional character or not?
That is a really awesome question. It calls for a really awesome answer, which I’m trying to think up… I don’t think I have a fictional BFF. :o

Choose a fictional family to be your own. What place would you play in this family?
Probably Molly’s from the American Girl books. I’m so original, I know. XD I’d probably be Molly or Jill, since I’m about as old as Jill but share a few personality traits with Molly.

How late have you stayed up reading ‘just one more chapter’ of a book?
1-2 AM, but I want to break that record soon. XD

What character do you most resemble from your favorite book/series? Are you likely to do any of the things your favorite character has done?
I guess I don’t really have a favorite. I’ve read a lot of series and am like a lot of characters. I find one person per each book/series that I relate the most to, but I don’t have one favorite. I do remember sometimes quoting the characters from books I’ve read recently in everyday life and just kind of acting like them. XD

Most embarrassing rant about reading/writing you remember making?
Oh dear. Probably whenever people ask about my novel on different blogs and I respond by giving them the weird synopsis and apologizing for how confusing and dumb it sounds. XD

If you could swap places with one author … who would it be and why?
Oooh! That’s such a cool question! I actually have no idea. I read a ton of books but I don’t have one favorite author, so nobody really sticks out in my mind.

Would you rather have the characters from your favorite book/series come into your world … or enter the world of your favorite book/series?
Can my favorite series be the one I’m creating? XD I’ve thought about both, and it would be actually less humorous than you’d think if my book characters entered my world. Though they live in the past, since my series is historical fiction, they’re highly trained and would adapt pretty quickly. But if I was to go into their world as my main favorite character, that would be awesome. I think I’d go with that. :D

Narnia or Lord of the Rings?
I haven’t really read or watched either, but probably Narnia.

Is there any movie adaptation of a book that you actually liked?
There haven’t been any movie adaptions to books that I’ve actually read, so no… :P

Favorite book review blog (if any)?
I don’t read book review blogs, but I know Kellyn has one, so that would probably my favorite.

Ever gotten into a major argument about a book?
Not a published one, but my brother and I argue about the one I’m writing all the time. XD

If you could have a book-related superpower (super-speed reading, book-lifting, etc.) what would it be?
That’s really cool! Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe the power to remember every detail from books I’ve read. But then again, I wouldn’t enjoy reading them a second time as much…

My favorite word:


Very remarkable; extraordinary

 I don’t know too many writing blogs, but here goes!

My questions:

  1. What are you writing right now?
  2. Favorite thing you’ve ever written?
  3. Have you ever written a novel?
  4. Have you ever published a book? If not, do you want to?
  5. What is your favorite time of day to write?
  6. Do you have a writing schedule?
  7. What is your favorite character that you’ve ever created?
  8. Have you ever wrote something with someone else?
  9. Favorite writing accomplishment of 2016?
  10. Do you have any writing goals for 2017?
  11. Writing-wise, where do you see yourself by the of of this year?
  12. Who is your biggest writing inspiration?
  13. What keeps you motivated to write?

Thank you SO much again, Kellyn! That was a lot of fun! :D

Original picture found at Reveries

A huge thank you to Kellyn for tagging me again! This tag has no name, so I’m going to name it The Blue Sky Tag. :D Isn’t that the most creative name ever? XD I slapped some text on the original picture, too.

The rules:

  1. Thank the person who tagged you
  2. Answer their 11 questions
  3. Tag 11 people
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer

Here are Kellyn’s questions and my answers!

1. Do you use a lot of sun-screen in the summer?
Just enough to make sure I won’t get burned. Someone will usually tell me if I should put more on. I respond by squirting sun-screen in their face.

2. What does the sun do to your skin? Does it tan? Freckle? Burn?
It burns and sometimes tans slightly, but not very much. For sunburns, it’s usually only my cheeks that look like I’m wearing a lot of blush or something. XD

3. Thoughts on surf-boarding.
HOW DO PEOPLE DO THAT?! I wanna try… I WOULD BE AWESOME AT THAT! I’d probably stink…

4. Do you enjoy swimming?
YES! I could swim all day! :D

5. Are you good at swimming?
I’d like to think so, yes. I beat my friends and siblings in swimming races all the time. ;) LOL!

6. Ever written a poem about the sun/read a good poem about the sun?
Yes and yes, but they weren’t very good. XD

7. How do you think the sun views rain?
The sun probably gets annoyed at it. :P

8. How do you think rain views the sun?
“Take a chill pill, sun. Be cool. Like me.”

9. Are you prone to depression during rain and joy during sunshine, or does the weather not effect your spirits?
The weather doesn’t effect my spirits at all. I might get slightly annoyed at the burning sun, though, and happy and excited when it rains because I love writing while it rains. XD

10. Do you believe there’s really a lot more ‘fun in the sun’ than in the rain?
No, the rain is definitely more fun. And that’s not just because there are a lot of cool Biblical analogies to it. XD

11. How likely are you to decorate a room in your (future, perfect) house sun-themed?
Not likely at all. XD

That was really fun! Thank you SOO much, Kellyn! Okay, I get to tag 11 people. Here goes…

I tag:

My questions:

  1. What was the favorite vacation you’ve ever had?
  2. Favorite quote?
  3. What keeps you going on a down day?
  4. Do you tend to look on the bright side or the dark side of things?
  5. How often do you laugh?
  6. Do you like smiling?
  7. Do you like frowning?
  8. Do you like making weird faces?
  9. Do you have a/any best friend(s)?
  10. What was the favorite adventure you’ve ever head?
  11. Are you tired of my random questions? Don’t worry, I’m all done now.

Okay, I THINK that’s all the tags and awards I’ve had to get caught up on. PHEW! XD If you seriously read all that, you are amazing. So amazing that you deserve THIS:



But this is still a great thing. GOOD JOB. :D

That was a lot of links… and probably a lot of typos…

Now onto the exclusive thing that only you get to know about!

You also have to be smart and be able to use your mouse or mobile device to highlight the secret message. I am confident in your intelligence, so here is the secret message. ;)

I am making an AGSM – but not just any AGSM! A full-on film – a stopmotion production movie. This will be the best production I’ve ever produced – I’ve personally gotten Anna Basilmentos’ advice, I will be actually building some of the set, and I’m using our ministry’s camera, which is better than the 60D I’ve been using! I am SO excited about it. The plot-planning part of it has gone on since before Christmas, and its structure has undergone two writers’ meetings – I’ve put a lot of thought into this and the plot is complete now. I am almost ready to begin filming – I just have to finish up the finale of I’ll Be Home for Christmas. (I literally only have to take two more pictures for it but have to wait until this one doll furniture piece is assembled that I ordered… twice. And it’s still damaged. Horrible product.) I can’t tell you the release date of the movie yet. I can’t even tell you the name. But I will be releasing the trailer as soon as possible. I’m even hiring a professional voice person for it! I’m so excited for it that I just can’t wait and I HAD to tell you guys! :D :D :D

Were you smart enough? Of course you were!

I’ll talk to you soon! Now, to attempt to assemble that damaged furniture piece for the second time… then I can finish up I’ll Be Home for Christmas and get started on that stopmotion movie!


If you survived this post, let me know! Just hit like and leave a comment below!

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