Hello everyone! Madison here! My dolls and I are so blessed and thankful to receive THREE ‘Liebster’ Awards – One from Izzy, one from Among The Dolls, and the last one from Carli! I’m really blessed and flattered – a big thank you to all who have nominated me! I will now answer the eleven questions from Izzy: (my answers are in blue)

1-Apples or Oranges?
Hmm….that’s a hard one! I really do love oranges though, especially when they are juiced.
2-If you had to move to Europe what country/city would you move to?
3-Who is your idol?
Hmm…as in someone I look up to? Well, I don’t really have one. There are so many people whom I admire, so I can’t really choose just one.
4-Springfield or Maplelea?
Definitely springfield. Their brand of clothes don’t cost much, and they fit American Girl dolls pretty well. And the dolls are so cute!
5-If you had to give one of your dolls away, which one would it be?
Oh my goodness! I have no idea. All my dolls are most equally special and I couldn’t imagine life without even one of them. A tiny little empty spot in my heart! I can’t pick one, so sorry.
6- What is your dream car?
A Honda Odyssey mini-van! (one that has a TV screen!) Maybe I’ll get the one that my family just bought when I get my drivers license and get my own car. Who knows?
7- What would you re-name Saige GOTY 2013?
Probably Sydney, or maybe Payton. Oh, no, definitely Aurora. Something like that!
8-If you could travel back in time what time period would you travel to?
Kirsten’s time period – 1854. I’d be a pioneer, just like her.
9-Do you have any siblings? If you do how many?
Yes, I do! I have two siblings – my little brother, and my older sister.
10-What is your favourite cake flavor?
CHOCOLATE. Chocolate anything and everything. White chocolate chocolate? You got it. Dark chocolate? Totally. Give me a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles? Hello, new favorite person!
11-What is/was (if you are an adult) your favourite school subject?
Anything artsy or wordy – Word Building, English, Literature and Creative Arts!

And now I will answer Among The Doll’s questions. (my answers are in blue.)

1. How long have you collected AG dolls?
Since I was eight years old. :)
2. Who was your first AG doll?
My first AG doll was Molly McIntire.
3. How many AG dolls do you have?
I have five AG dolls, not counting mini dolls.
4. Do you have any customs? How many?
I do not have any custom dolls.
5. Who’s your next doll?
Isabelle Palmer will be my next doll, hopefully!
6. What’s your favorite song?
Ooooh…that’s a hard one! I really like “Lift My Life Up” by Unspoken. Not only is the music great, but the message is great, too!
7. What’s your favorite book?
Shadows In The Glasshouse, an American Girl History Mystery book by Megan McDonald.
8. What’s your favorite t.v. show?
Hmm….that’s a hard one! I don’t think I can pick a favorite! LOL!
9. What’s your favorite movie?
I have a lot of great movies, but not really a favorite. :)
10. What’s your favorite food?
Tortilla’s heated up in the microwave for exactly 15 seconds, lightly spreaded with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Delish. ;)
11. What’s your favorite color?
Blue! Light blue like turquoise, preferably! 

Now I will answer Carli’s questions! (again, my answers will be in blue. :))

1. Who is your favorite HC?
Josefina Montoya!
2. Where is your favorite vacation spot?
Crystal Beach, in Texas.
3. Do you have any friends who like AG?  If so, how many?
Not counting my online friends, maybe about six or seven. :)
4. What is your favorite place to shop for doll stuff (Besides AG)
Amazon – they have many 18″ inch doll stuff sellers on there, and then there’s Ebay and Etsy shops everywhere!
5. Would you rather be in a huge family of 13, or an only child?
A huge family of 13! I love siblings, even though sometimes they get annoying ;) Being an only child would be lonely, for me.
6. Out of all your dolls, who has the most manageable hair?
Probably Emilie. Short and straight, she has the most manageable hair out of all my dolls.
7. What is your favorite food?
Tortilla’s heated up in the microwave for exactly 15 seconds, lightly spreaded with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar! I could go for one of those right now! LOL!
8. What do you want to do before you die?
Win as many souls to Jesus Christ as possible.
9. What doll do you want AG to make next (as in looks and personalities)
An African American singer!
10. Do you play any instruments?  If so, which ones?
I do not play any instruments, but I know a few tunes on the piano, and I think I’m going to take lessons on either piano or keyboard very soon.
11. And for the big finale… Will you ever grow out of dolls?
Never, ever, as long as I live! I will never grow out of AG dolls, ever. At all. End of discussion. Period. No buts. lol ;)

And now…I shall nominate 11 blogs to receive the Liebster award!

(not in any order)

1. Little House of American Girl
2. AG Dolly Sisters
3. Dolls on Da Blog
4. Country Doll Studios
5. Treasured Friendships With a Flair
6. Marisa’s American Girls
7. Madness and Fun
8. Madness and Fun with the Dolls

That’s all the ones I really go to,(Can’t rack my brain for eleven at the moment) besides Izzy’s, Among the Doll’s, and Carli’s, and I’m not sure if you can nominate the person that has nominated you.

If you have been nominated, answer these elven questions and then nominate eleven more people!

1. What are your favorite things to do? Hobbies, talents, anything!
2. What is your favorite doll hairstyle you like to do on your dolls? What is a favorite doll hairstyle that you can not manage to do on your dolls?
3. What is your favorite thing to do on Spring break?
5. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? Do you know the answer to this riddle?
6. Do you prefer lemonade or soda pop?
7. Do your prefer fruit or vegetables?
8. How many mini dolls do you have, if you have any?
9. Do you want any more American Girl dolls? If so, please state them:
10: What camera do you use to take doll pictures? Whether it’s a mobile device or a Canon Powershot A2300, does it take good quality pictures?
11. What is your favorite doll video, if you watch doll videos/stopmotions?

Once again a BIG thank you to all who have nominated me!

Have a very blessed day :)