I was about to throw the ball for another round of “catch” with Coconut when I heard Cecile running up to me. 
Isn’t the new pink ball I bought for Coco pretty?
“MOLLY!” she cried. “I’m here to save you, don’t worry! You’re in dire need of a TOTAL makeover in style and higiene. Don’t worry, I totally decked you out with ALL the latest trends and styles!” I was a bit confused. “Cecile, I—” she cut me off as she started pulling things out of her shopping bag. 
“I saw this tote bag and I knew it’d be perfect, and OH my GOSH this leopard vest was a TOTAL must buy, and I knew you’d LOVE these skinny jeans as you are in dire need of them,” “Cecile, really you didn’t have to go through all this—-“

She stuffed all the junk into my hands while she dug once again into her bag. “There’s one more thing I knew you’d need by the smell,” Cecile told me, sniffing. “CECILE,” I tried again. “I really don’t need all this—“
Again she cut me off. 
“DEODORANT! Every girl needs some!” “CECILE! I’m only eight.” “Well eight year olds need this stuff, too!! Besides, with all your new amazing, totally fad gear you’l be looking like a total fashion style pro like me, and–“
“CECILE!!” I yelled, frustrated. “What?” she asked casually. “I’m right here, you don’t need to yell.” I sighed, stuffing all the junk she had bought me back in her arms. “Cecile, it was nice of you to do this but I really don’t need it! I have my own style and you have yours, OK?”
Tears filled her eyes. “So,” she answered coldly. “You’re not grateful for what I’ve done for you?!” “I am, Cecile! Please understand–” tears spilled down her cheeks as she dropped everything she was holding. Sobbing, she ran off. My frustrated look turned into a sad frown. I didn’t mean to hurt Cecile’s feelings! Coconut leaned up against my leg, whimpering to play ball. I scratched behind her ear. “Not right now, girl,” I told her. “I need to make things right with Cecile.”
Can I make things right with Cecile? Will Cecile learn we all have different styles, or will she run away? FIND OUT…
IN PART TWO OF THE PRESSURES OF REALITY TRILOGY! (you can now bet there will be 3 parts)