Hola! Bonjour! It is Molly here, and have you forgotten that this is PART 4 OF THE TRIP AT HOUSTON?! NO I DIDN’T THINK SO!!!!!


As in my previous post, there was a sneak-peek of the horse! WELL HERE IT IS! It was a “my dolls life” horse or something like that. 28 dollars! We named it, Ginger-snap!

Gingersnap’s legs and feet can bend!

It does not stay up very well, though. You have to position it JUST right, which is not a problem for me however.

Nice horsey, nice horsey, PLEASE don’t hurt me I mean I JUST got a French Manicure and my hair done and my nails painted!!!!

On to what my mommy got for Christmas at Mimi and Papa’s house!

Sweetness! If you can’t read what it says above (my IPhone takes really blurry pictures) it says, “For those days you need a kiss from Mimi & Papa. Look for the earrings!” :)

MY MOM WENT CRAZY OVER THESE! She says she had only one pair of earrings before this.

Also in the bag, Hershey Kisses! Dark chocolate, peppermint, white-chocolate and milk chocolate mixed together, original, you name it! :)

Cute crayons! My mom says she was needing some new ones!

(sorry about the blurriness!) What’s this?


And they’re even labeled! OOOH!

A Monkey Business Craft Kit! My mom will make a lot of money with this!

What a cute Little doll! Mimi says that they are a new line of dolls they released last year. They are called ‘Li’l Adorables’! Well Adorable is RIGHT!

AN OUTFIT FOR ME FROM JOURNEY GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!! I think this was from my mommy’s aunt!

Hally’s Read and Play Set from Our Generation! I’m going to call it a school outfit though!!!! I think this was also from my mommy’s aunt!

And from her other aunt! A MATCHING OUTFIT WITH ME AND MY MOM! WHAT LUCK!!!!

From Mimi and Papa again: 50 dollars! What a treat!!! We get one of these baby’s every year. Too bad mommy spent all hers last year! She is going to save this until next year, where she might get another 50 dollars and then 50 plus 50 equals 100 which is enough to buy ANOTHER AG DOLL!!!!

Also from Mimi and Papa: A pretty pink blanket! So soft and fuzzy! (it looks red in this picture) Papa said that whenever we are away from Mimi and Papa, we will have this blanket with us and *sniff sniff* know that Mimi and Papa are with us! SO SWEET I want to cryyyyyyyy :'( but happy tears not sad ones don’t worry!

The gorgeous outfit from one of mommy’s aunts!

I am tired but I HAVE to keep modeling!

So pretty! From the other aunt mommy has!

I will look like this doll!

Also from this aunt, the Journey girls outfit I mentioned way above!

It came with a hanger, like AG used to do!

The boots were a PAIN to get on, They were not AG so they were very small! I could not even Velcro it in the back! But don’t worry, we cut a bigger ‘slit’ in the back so it’s easier to put on! We still can’t Velcro it, though! But that’s ok.

We are driving to the hotel! What a great time at Mimi and Papa’s!

Oh hey we got it opened! Her big sister used her pocket knife to get this baby out! Thx! ISN’T IT CUTE?!

CAN YOU BELIEVE OUR TRIP IS ALMOST OVER?! Well, actually it is for us. But the pictures are not over! OOOOOOHHH NO, not over! We’ve got maybe 10-15 more left! But we shall save that for later! BWA HA HA HA!  ;)


Your Olly Molly