Left to right, I got cards from:

TOP ROW: Merrilise, Katie, and Emma

2ND ROW: Laura, Anna Maria, Kaitlyn, and Mia

3RD ROW: Olive (ASDLKJFHSAD THAT NINJA CARD), Amie, Hope, and Kaylyn

4TH ROW: Livy, Mikayla, Jennifer, Madison (not me, I promise XD)

5TH ROW: Lydia, Sassafras, Maddie, and Light4theLord!

BOTTOM ROW: Hope and Light4theLord both made me ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS doll drawing portraits of my entire doll family! JUST LOOK HOW ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL THE DRAWINGS ARE THEY’RE SO AMAZING. Thank you SO much! <3

And this card, doll card (and slime for my dolls in the bag!) from Zoe came in, too!

My dolls got some amazing cards as well. This one pictured is from Kaitlyn’s dolls. You can see most of the cards my dolls got here! I wasn’t able to get all of them in because I got some of the cards after I took all the pictures, but my dolls LOVED them!

Not everyone was able to participate in real life, so I got some amazing e-cards from London, M&M, Maelyn, Arunima, and one still trying to send to my email (how rude of my email) from Jayne! Thank you so much, guys! <3

Were you able to participate in the 2017 Christmas card exchange this year?