Ayyy sup guys! You came back. GOOD. Because I have just the post for you.

I wrecked the AG store, met Madi’s online friend, and Madison got her revenge on me. Great, great, and terrible. BUT I MAKE IT ALL AWESOME BECAUSE I’M DEL.

So let’s dive in here and see the demolition I brought upon the American Girl store in Dallas, Texas! >:D

Madison and her BFFs met up with Chloe from My Hobbit Hole and her sister. THEY ARE AWESOME. But because their awesomeness is just too much to be contained, we’re not allowed to post any pictures of them. Your computer screens couldn’t handle the capacity and would explode in your face.

Walking in, I stole some ice cream right off the ice cream cart here. ?

A girl dressed up as an ice cream cone (look at her shirt… #ridiculous) tried to stop me so I just smacked her in the face. ?

I kind of scared a girl in a wheelchair by acting like I was going to push her off the edge of a cliff. Oops.

Julie got super mad at me for lying in her bed. Do you know how amazing it was to see her blow up? ?

I felt like being nice after scaring the wheelchair girl, so I had a normal conversation with Maryellen. I asked her for directions to the nearest place I could get some food because that ice cream cone I stole didn’t last long (I didn’t actually say that last part, of course. ?). She pointed me over to her diner.

… but then I felt like being rude again so I stole a bunch of stuff from her diner. ? Here’s Madi’s BFF’s doll, Kit, helping me out. ?

Maryellen was so mad at me for scuffing up her table. ?

Nope, you can’t have this food. Sorry, it’s for me.


Why did they put the bathroom here where everyone can see? I felt so bad for Julie, especially after messing up her bed. She can’t use it until the store closes.

The look on Logan’s face was priceless when I shoved him out of the way and showed him who was boss on the drums.

I even whacked the AG store manager on the head with the drumstick when she told me to stop (only because I was playing so awesomely that all the customers were fleeing out of the doors, physically unable to handle it — definitely not because I was playing so loud and terribly that they were all running for their lives, screeching in terror, and praying for eardrum insurance).

He was so mad. ?

Then it was time to make little miss Taylor Swift mad. ?

K.C. taught me some rap, so I infuriated Logan and Tenney by ruining another little music jam they tried to have. ?

“I’m boss with it / authentic / all y’all frauds better quit with the trash talk / before you get tossed in it // you don’t want no drama then don’t get involved in it / I’m in a / whole different head space / you makin’ money well that’ great / I got no interest in talkin’ to people that I know a two-face two-fate get outta my face / whew / what are you doing in my lane / there are already too many rappers I’m sick of the traffic and now I ain’t got no breaks / I already passed you / you don’t like what I’m doing who asked you”

–NF, “Statement”

Cool song, no? Yes. Christian rap is legit the best.

Doesn’t Gabriela look so pretty? She’s great.

Kaya dared me to put my foot close to the fire. I laughed in her face and put my foot on the fire.

It’s fake.

Shhh. No one tell Tenney that I stole her lunch. >:D

Ayy look it’s Chloe Zoey! How did she get here…

inspo via

Katy is here too?!

I dunno why Madison took a picture of this doll. Maybe she wanted her?


Wrecked a salon with Madi’s BFFs’ dolls Caroline and Kit. >:D

I know it’s silver and sparkly and totally a girl-girl thing — but — I — I actually like this? ?

Whaddya think about these shoes? I love sports. And winning at them. It’s my life. Think these shoes would be a good fit for me?

Something random — when I typed “whaddya” the computer turned it into “whammy”… ? “Whammy think about these shoes?” ???

I’ll make a whammy decision later. Time to go upstairs and wreck it, too!


Sorry, Caroline. You can’t have this either. IT’S ALL FOR ME.

This tent is cool. I like the thrill of camping and Katy Christine likes the nature side of it. I think we should go camping sometime.

I — I think K.C. and I are becoming really good friends now, which makes me happy. I’ve never had a friend before.

But you can’t tell her that! I’m supposed — I’m supposed to look tough, alright?

Uh — ah — anyway.

Madison punished me big time for everything I did. Especially for scaring that poor doll in the wheelchair. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT SHE MADE ME DO.

Uh, maybe my foot caught on fire after all… just kidding, that’s a light streak.


Look — at my ears.

UGH. I have to think of another way to get Madison back for this. I’m stuck with these sparkly girly-girl things in my ears — earrings, people, earrings — for the rest of my life unless I want to walk around with two holes in my ears! The piercings are much more noticeable on dolls. :/

If I wasn’t so awesome, I’d say my life is ruined. But because I’m so very awesome, I’m going to think up some way to make Madison pay.

You mess with Delaney Danger Clark, you step in the danger zone.

But she did buy me the sporty shoes from earlier, the silver sparkle beanie, and a hoodie, which was nice.

Yes, I know the hoodie is pink. I know I’m what you might consider a “tomboy”. But pink is just another color. Most importantly, this is a hoodie, which I love. Pink means nothing to me. Like, dude. People are so dramatic. Why do so many people hate it?

That ends my wreckage of the American Girl store! >:D Or should I say… Del Demolition. >:D

Our eyes are black and evil.

Kidding. That’s the lighting.

The demolition doesn’t end there, though. Taryn and I got to meet Elizabeth, Mia, and Madi from Dolls N’ All and they helped me wreck the American Girl store in Orlando, Florida! >:D

You’ve got to come back for that — it’s great. ?

Just look at Elizabeth in the background messing with the speaker ?

Taking a selfie with Mia. Light4theLord even did my hair! She’s really nice. ☺️

Like the post first, then comment below — and give me ideas for revenge on Madison for making me get my ears pierced. I’ll choose one of your ideas and then give you a shout-out and blog about it. >:D


P.S. New doll profiles coming soon — Taryn, K.C., and I are currently filling them out.

P.P.S. Oh — and no telling Katy what I told you earlier, alright? I — I’m supposed to look tough. Okay?