What’s up, my adoring fans? It’s Jazzy Jasmine here! Emelie, Cécile, Chloe, and I got together to show you some positively a-doll-able fashion ideas this spring for all your dolls out there. Be the best-dressed you that you can be this season!

1. Florals

Ever heard that April showers bring May flowers? Well it’s true! Break out the flower patterns all over your wardrobe–flower-patterned dresses, flower hair clips, floral blouses–whatever you like!

2. Light dresses

Here’s Emelie wearing a super cute dress! Spring brings warmth, so wearing light, flowy dresses is a perfect way to match the weather.

3. Sandals

If you get the shoes and the hair right, you’re halfway to making the perfect outfit. Pair some snazzy springtime sandals to go with your floral dresses.

4. Half-updos

Doesn’t my BFF Cécile just look gorgeous with her hair in an updo? And that bow, though! If you want to have some of your hair up but some of it down, half-ups are the way to go and so perfect for spring.

5. Updos

Finally we get to ME! Doesn’t my updo look great? If it’s a particularly warm day and you want all your hair off your neck, throw it into a messy bun. Don’t I look fabulous? Of course I do.

6. Pale colors

The best springtime colors are all the pale ones. Go for colors like lavender, peach, coral, pale blue, cream, or pale yellow! I think I look gorgeous in this dress. It matches my eyes.

7. Shorts

Can’t forget about the days where you just don’t feel like wearing a dress! To stay cool with the new warmth, throw on a pair of shorts. Don’t forget to wear a floral top and sandals! And a side note: doesn’t Chloe’s hair look so cute in those two mini buns?

8. Bracelets

Want the ultimate spring accessory? Slip on multiple bracelets. They’re just too cute! Think Pura Vida style. Julia from Dolls N’ All made the bracelets Emelie is wearing.

9. Get creative in your doll’s color palette

Have you heard of color palette? I don’t know about you, but Madison’s mom loves it!

It’s the idea that certain skin and hair combinations look best in certain color themes. Even though Cécile isn’t completely wearing spring colors, she still looks great because she’s also wearing the colors in her color palette: winter!

10. Lace

And last but not least, ME AGAIN! If you have any lace, spring is the perfect time to bust it out. It usually has a gorgeous floral pattern that will go right along with the floral theme.

That’s it for today. We’ll see you the next time Madi is feeling well enough to edit more photos of us! Believe me, we’re having lots of adventures. I know Del certainly is.

But we’re not going to talk about the mustache she drew on my face.