Right now my computer is being wonky and will not accept my phone being plugged into it, shutting down the minute a USB cord is plugged in, and e-mailing takes five thousand years due to wonky wifi and resulting horrible quality, and my phone’s photos will not show up on iPhoto not even on my dad’s computer, so….Until my dad can help me out tonight which he has offered so incredibly kindly to do so, and to put my computer in the shop, all my photos will be taken online.

So, I said to my self, I really want to post on my blog but my photos I took can’t get on a posting computer and I can’t post mobile, so how can I post?


Here is my 2015 American Girl wishlist so far. Things from American Girl that I really want. Things I might ask for for birthdays or Christmas, and sometimes things I’m saving up for myself. I can complete this wishlist over a period of time or it might be quick, I’ll be changing it as my opinion wavers or American Girl releases new items, so I’ll be posting the changes sometimes. Here it is, starting with dolls I want most, then furniture and/or smaller accessories and outfits. Well, actually, I would very much enjoy having every single thing from American Girl LOL who doesn’t? but that’s obviously not going to happen, so here are the things that I really want.

MyAG #56
I am actually saving up for her right now! Ohhh…..the blonde curly hair……..I LOVE IT!!!!
After some guaranteed money comes from a job my brother and I split, I’ll only have to earn about fifty more dollars. But since half the money I earn/get goes into the bank, to get $50 I really have to earn $100. So, I better start working hard at whatever odd jobs I can find. And maybe, with this hot Florida weather, I can do lemonade stands on a busy road. Hopefully. Business, I’m sure, will be “booming”!

MyAG #33
Can I just say, I LOVE HER SO MUCH?! She’s soooooooo gorgeous! I have seen photos and videos of her and already I’m totally smitten with this beauty, and better yet everyone says she’s even more beautiful in real life. I know she looks a lot like Jasmine (Saige) but #33’s hair is curlier, shorter, and a different shade of red. Jasmine’s is more auburn. I have wanted #33 for a very long time! I might ask for her for Christmas. Or maybe my birthday. Depends.

Grace doll, GOTY 2015
Yes, I have been bitten by the Grace love bug! Who can resist that gorgeous long hair? And SIDE BANGS! I have side-bangs! Of course I might be growing them out, but when my hair grows longer IF my side-bangs were kept the same Grace would have MY EXACT hair! I mean practically perfect color and everything. Besides, who could resist that adorably cute face mold….such pretty eyes! And FRECKLES! Gotta love the freckles. And, Grace is my middle name! Of course, I might be changing her name to like, Gracie or something. She just looks like more of a Gracie to me. I want #33 more than I want Grace, so Grace is second to #33, however Grace will retire sooner than I’d plan on getting #33 so I’ll have to ask for Grace first for my birthday or Christmas.

Bouquet Bed Set
Ahhhh! I love this bed! I love this bed! I LOVE this bed! But….AHHHHH! So expensive. And this is without the bedding. But I LOVE it nonetheless. I might ask for this for a future Christmas.

Bouquet Nightstand
This would go perfectly with the Bouquet Bed, but really with any bed! SOOOOOOOO cute! I MIGHT remove this off my list if I can make a craft replica to it.

Grace’s Pajamas for Dolls
HEHEHEEEEEE I LOVE this! It looks so comfy, and the blue is close to my favorite color (tourquoise-tealish kinda color).

Grace’s City Outfit for dolls
How couldn’t love that sweater? haha I LOVE this! Sooooo cute! This would look great on Jasmine actually.

Grace’s Travel Coat for Dolls
Cutest. Coat. EVER. Who can RESIST? Ahhhhh so pretty! EEEEEK I get jittery and excited, LOL, it’s just sooooooo adorable. Love love love it.

Salon Center
Comes with soooooooo many fun little stuff for your dolls hair! I’d love to have this.

That’s pretty much it!

What’s on your wishlist? Planning to buy/ask for Grace Thomas?