Howdy! Molly here. We’ve received an award from Sparkie at!  We’ve been so excited to receive the

Reward, and are ready to post fifteen random facts about ourselves as instructed at Sparkie’s blog.

1. We LOVE blogging! Getting to meet new people, sharing our ideas, and visiting other doll blogs!

2. We are very crafty and share most of our crafts here!

3. We each have our own personalities.

4. My personal motto is, “It’s OK to be a little freakish sometimes.” XD

5. Lot’s of photostories are coming soon, including the ever lost Part Two of our series we never did finish, the pressures of reality.

6. We don’t accept spam.

7. I really really like spaghetti. Mom loves making it. It’s perfect for dolls.

8. I am very sad to be retiring. Emilie is, too.

9. Emilie is my BFF.

10. Cecile is Jasmine’s BFF.

11. Josefina is the odd one out. :( She is our friend, but she doesn’t really have anyone to bond with.

12. I am soooo excited to receive an award.

13. I’m VERY hyper. Like I said, it’s ok to be a little freakish sometimes XD

14. I am a doll. Did you know that?


*calms down*

Thank you Sparkie for awarding us!! Be sure to pay Sparkie a visit at!