Well, I still hadn’t been rescued from Jasmine stuffing me into a drawer and secretly planning on making me her dream doll by the time Emilie and Jasmine were eating dinner (spaghetti).

I had to get out of here. But how?

So while Jasmine bent down to grab her pajama’s (by now, it was bedtime) I grabbed the edge of her hair.

She swung around, and I held on tight until her flip-flappin’ hair was exactly where it wanted to fling me. I let go.


Like I was in slow motion…..I flipped threw the air, my hair flinging everywhere.



I landed like a ton of bricks behind this shelf….THING Jasmine owned. Groaning, I gently sat up. My arm hurt soooo bad. I hoped I hadn’t broke it. No, no, if I had broken it I would be crying right now.

I began to quickly jog back to Molly’s room, when I heard a, “HEY!” behind me. “Where do you think you’re going?!”


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