IMG_5466Molly and Emelie, best friends forever.

IMG_5467Molly. (her hairstyle is sooooo cute! I’m happy with her hair, even if it will never be as wonderful as it used to be. Now, if only I could get rid of the Downy smell….? forgot to use the unscented kind. Whoops.)


IMG_5470BFFL! Best friends for life.

IMG_5471 IMG_5472 IMG_5473 IMG_5474An American Girl :)

IMG_5475Pretty girl. :)

IMG_5476“Emelie, Emelie, LOOK WHAT I FOUND.”

IMG_5477“What, Molly?”

“A RIDE! Help me push it to where it almost tips. Then on the count of three we’ll jump in and have a ride down the stairs!”

“I don’t know. Isn’t that a bit dangerous?”

“Awwww come on! Pleeeeeeeeeaaaasssseeeeee?”





IMG_5482Molly screams for fun. Emelie screams of terror.

IMG_5483 IMG_5484 IMG_5485*bump, skid, halt* “WOAH! That was so fun!!!”

IMG_5486“Wanna ride again?!”


“Oh, OK.”

IMG_5487“Let me help you up,” Molly offered.

“Thanks, BFF. :)”

The end! Aren’t they cute?!