Hola, meese-a-meega’s! Hello, my friends! Josefina here, ready to present to you a horse adventure!

“Hola, Gingersnap!” I called out cheerily as I stepped into………..

Gingersnap’s stable! Gingersnap greeting me with a nicker of delight. “How are you today?” I grinned, patting her soft neck. Gingersnap tossed her head back and gave a delightful “neigh” of pleasure. I laughed, taking that as a “I am very good today!” hanging the saddle-bag on a hook in the corner, I walked towards her hay. Why, there was hardly any left! I grinned, replacing it with a fresh, new bale. 

It doesn’t look very appetizing to us dolls, but the horses LOVE it!
I checked on her water, noticing that it was low, but it was the evening, and Gingersnap hardly drank in the evening, so I made a promise to myself to refill in the morning.

See how low it was?
Gingersnap didn’t seem to mind, so I grabbed the gentle horse-comb and started brushing her soft fur. “Good girl,” I soothed when the horse started to paw at the ground uncomfortably. “It’s going to be over soon.” 

See how sleek and shiny it looks after it’s been brushed? 
And, even though I shouldn’t be doing it in Cecile’s elegant Summer Dress, I just couldn’t resist….

“Gingersnap,” I whispered in a hushed, excited tone. “I know it’s getting dark, but if it was just a quick, short ride…..” Gingersnap nickered happily, getting my point. Grabbing the reins, I grinned as I swiftly buckled them in place. Leaping on, I leaned forward and whispered,


Trot, trot, trot, CANTER! CANTER! CANTER! Cantering was more like it! Galloping through the open area, I knew what animal-to-doll friendship was like that very moment. <3

Thank you for reading!
 (: Josefina Montoya and Gingersnap :)