Why hello there. I’m Molly-Anne! If you haven’t met me before in any of my previous posts, I am a re-named Mini Molly form American Girl! But not just any Mini Molly! Why, the doll of the 18 inch Molly! And she’s the owner of this blog! (Madison, her mom, types it up for her ;)) And I’m Molly’s doll! SO, the introductions are all done….SO I guess I can share with you my awesome time outside today! Look at the pictures you see below….and realize they are 100% PURE AWESOMENESS.

HEHEHE….Not supposed to be up here, kinda dangerous, but OK for one quick picture, right? Heh heh…. A metal bookcasey kinda thing turned on it’s side. Been there for months! See me standin’ on it?
A rope! And not just any rope….The rope of Fort Makenzie! LOL. A play set with swings and stuff. ;)
When it was time to go onside, I immediately thought in my head, WHAT?! No way! Why, we were hardly out here for a couple of minutes! I need to stay longer. Instead of going inside with my owner, Molly, I hid behind one of the handle bars of Fort M&R.
What a view!
WHAT A BIG LOG! It’s funny, all the humans around here call them sticks. CONFUSING!
Deeper into my adventure, it got SUPER windy. SO windy, in fact, for a little doll like me who weighed hardly a pound….Well, the wind….was STRONG! I wished I had gone inside with my owner, Molly! It was all too windy now! I felt my feet lift off the ground a little bit. “Molly…..Molly…MOLLY! HELP! HELP!” I wailed, tears streaming down my cheeks. I was going to be lost forever!
Flying through the air, I knew I was a goner. I wailed and wailed, but my voice was already so tiny and the wind so strong. My braids whirling around me, the earth passing through like a blur beneath me, and my destiny very, very near to me.
SPLAT! I landed on this concrete thingy-ma-jig. At least I have time to take my few last breaths,  knowing that I was safe, for now. If the wind picked up again, I would never see the face of day again! A flood of tears trickling down my face were probably the last tears I’ll ever pour out. “Molly! Molly! Molly…..” I whispered, knowing it would be my last. I hugged the concrete thingy-ma-jig. It was probably the last hug I’d ever give somebody. I looked up to Heaven, praying to God that I’d survive.
Meanwhile, the others figured out I was not inside with them. They saw a flash of pink whiz by in the wind, and then all the color drained out of 18 inch Molly’s face. Molly-Anne, she thought, throwing herself down the stairs and outside, struggling to keep to the ground, for it was VERY windy, but not enough for a tornado.
“MOLLY-ANNE!” She screamed. Her voice was much stronger than mine. “MOLLY!” I tried to shout, but it was no use. My voice was too small, the wind was too strong . I wiggled, trying to get comfortable on the concrete thingy-ma-jig. “KEEP MOVING! I SEE YOU!!” Molly screehced, making her way through the wind-storm. I flounced myself EVERYWHERE!
“Molly-Anne, you scared us half to death!” Molly explained between sobs of joy when she picked me up. “Don’t ever leave us like that again!” I shook my head, knowing I would NEVER do that again, more tears trickling down my cheek. We made it inside safely.
Here I am, just opening the nursery door which led to the foyer which led to the door which led upstairs.  Quite the tongue twister! lol. I whispered a small prayer of thanks as we made it inside. We were welcomed by a chorus of, “WOO HOO! Molly-Anne is safe!” “Hallelujah! Molly-Anne is here!” and, “Hurray for Molly and Molly-Anne!” I am glad to be with my family now, and the moral of this photo story is:
Anyways, thanks so much for watching …AND LEARNING TO GO INSIDE WHEN YOUR FAMILY DOES!