Cécile here!Bonjour! Hello! Today is such a BEE-YOU-TIFUL day, and I know that with Texas weather Summer will come way early and chase spring away….so, enjoy it while it lasts, I always say.

IMG_4740So I slipped on my sandals and I WAS BORN READY to get outside and play.

IMG_4741Such a beautiful day…..

IMG_4742Oh no! Ever since The Mystery Of The Dying Plant, we knew that our sunflowers just needed to be put in a larger pot or actually in the ground. But why are they still dying? We added miracle grow  and added good soil, too…..Looks like Detective Jocelyn and Dr. Coconut will have to solve this one too! :)

IMG_4743Ahhh…. so relaxing! I rest on a rusty old swing that hasn’t been used since last year.

IMG_4744I then take the time to let you all look at my lovely hair. Mom(Madison) styled it this way for me, and I think it looks lovely. It might be a bit hard to see in this lighting, but you’ll get another chance to see it soon.

IMG_4745Heh heh. No rules for me! I can stand on this outside table all day if I wanted to. “Cécile, get down from there before you hurt yourself!” Oh man…

IMG_4746Before I leave, here’s another look at my hairstyle. All mom did was gather all my luscious curls into a ponytail, part it a bit on top of the elastic, and flip my hair through once. Gorgeous, casual, and so easy. Perfect spring style, wouldn’t you agree?


IMG_4748It’s dark, it’s mysterious, it’s pure talent. Feet shots have to be my favorite….#lovemesomecamera

IMG_4749Just lying on the grass here, I enjoy this gorgeous Spring weather and a cool spring breeze blows through my hair and relaxes me. If I’m not careful, I might fall asleep out here…..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Just kidding!

Are you enjoying this beautiful spring day? How do you like to play outside?

(and Madison.)