IMG_4750“But Ms.  Esther! I don’t want to go with this new family! Can’t you stop them? I want to stay here with you!” I, Marzette Enrique Peterson cried to my foster parent. “Now, Marzetta, cry no more. You will have a family now. They will take good care of you. You will have a mama and a papa who will love you, Better then me, ja?” she said in her German accent. “No! You’re like a mommy to me! Don’t let them take me away!” I cried all the more. “A sweet eight year old should not be this upset, now, Marzetta.” Ms. Esther cooed gently. “Stop that crying this instant. I have something to tell you.” I paused my sobs for a little while, but I planned to cry again.

IMG_4751“No matter where you are, no matter where you go, the ones you love most will forever be in your heart. Your old mama would want you to remember that. Promise me you will remember that. Now you must go with your new parents. Goodbye, Marzetta. I promise we will meet again soon.” Mz. Esther finished speaking.

IMG_4752“Okay, I promise.” I said to her before giving her one last hug and jumping into the car behind the moving van.

Right then and there, I started a new adventure.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

IMG_4753I did not like my new room. I hated it from the minute I walked in. When I did, I dropped my suitcase down on the floor and hugged my yarn doll, Dominique, (I named her after my old mother) tight. One bed. One un-painted dresser. Bare floor and walls, not a window to speak of.

IMG_4754I unpacked my things – a lamp Mz. Esther had given me, a hairbrush, a spair hair elastic, my camera, a skirt, some underwear and of course my doll Dominique.

IMG_4755“Knock knock.” I heard someone say. “Come in.” It was my new mom.

IMG_4756“I’m sorry your room isn’t anything special. I didn’t expect to adopt a child so fast. My husband barely had time to craft together a dresser real quick and buy a cheap bed. I really hope you come to love us as a mom and dad, Marzette.” my new mom said. “I will, mom…” I murmered. The word ‘mom’ felt weird to say. This lady couldn’t possibly be my mom. I wanted my old mom back. She was the only one I had left, my only living family member alive. But the hurricane had to take her….I pushed those thoughts out of my mind as my new mom began to speak again. “I brought you some fancy clothes to wear on special occasions. I sewed it myself, for you.”

IMG_4757She pointed to a laundry basket she brought in, then walked out. I pondered on what she had said. She sewed it for me….that was nice of her.

IMG_4758Maybe I could get used to living here. But how on earth could I have a new mom? I didn’t want to lose the memories of my old mom, the one I loved so dearly, the one that I’d hold in my heart forever and ever……..


Madison here! Are any of you excited for the next part? I decided to make that Celina’s new room since her hotel didn’t look right to me.