WOAH! I can’t believe it. I’m thirteen now, girls! Thirteen! That’s crazy! I think of myself and I see a mature 12 year old. But when I think of a 13 year old, I don’t quite fit that description! LOL! It feels so weird to be 13. But I suppose I’ll get used to it.

It’s a new chapter in my life! My childhood has ENDED. That’s so crazy and sad! But I don’t plan on growing up all the way right now. AG and dolls still have their place in my heart, and while they do I’ll still be a kid. ;) Hopefully they never leave!

Oh, and did I mention… I’m on summer vacation at the best place on earth! My forever and always home, TEXAS! ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m sleeping at my best friend’s house every other night, and every night we’re watching the Star Wars movies in order! We’ve watched Episode 1, 2, and 3 (Revenge of the Sith :o so creepy and cool!) so far together. It’s my very first time watching Star Wars besides a little bit of the beginning of Episode 4. May I just say, IT IS SO COOL!

How many Star Wars fans do I have reading this? I am finally going to understand all those jedi and dark and light side references and jokes, after staring at them and being like, what? LOL! XD

My birthday was AWESOME! I had the Bistro Birthday Celebration at the AGP Dallas with my best friends and my Mom! Care to see a photo or two? Or twenty? ;)

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.04.13 PMAll three of us in our lovely outfits! Thanks to my best friends for letting me borrow that super cute dress. And look at my curly hair! It was my dream to have curly hair on my birthday. Thanks to my best friend’s Mom mom for curling my hair!! :D

Oh, and I can’t wait to get braces, LOL. August 9, please come QUICKLY!

IMG_8452At the bistro! The menu’s are so awesome.

IMG_8455Anything with the AG brand name on it is awesome! XD

IMG_8454 IMG_8474 IMG_8472 My first time eating a yellow tomato… at the AG store! So sentimental! ;)

IMG_8460 My Texas BFF’S! ♥

The pink lemonade is SCRUMPTIOUS. And you get free refills!

IMG_8477One of the few things the waitress told me I couldn’t keep when I asked… Believe me, I asked about everything. I’ve eaten at the bistro before, but I wanted to know what I could keep this time since it was my birthday. ;)

IMG_8480I even asked if I could keep the doll plates and cups and the hair ties that the table next to us didn’t take with them when they left. The waitress said yes! LOL! XD

IMG_8476There’s Jasmine! And my best friend’s dolls, Caroline and Mckenna!

IMG_8456Manta, I remembered your suggestion when I looked over the Scrumptious Starters. I am SO glad I got the pretzel bites! They are delicious. I wish I had some more right now. Hehehe!

IMG_8479I got the penne pasta for my meal! I was orignially going to get the herb salmon, but my BFF asked the waitress about it and she reccomended the penne pasta instead. All four of us, (me, my BFF’s, and my Mom) got it! It was so good, and we took to-go boxes home to save room for…

IMG_8484DESSERT! Gluten-free cake and vanilla ice cream. It was SO GOOD. There was still a little left (I couldn’t finish it or I’d make myself sick. I’m not used to eating all that sugar!) and I ate the rest of it today. I’ll say that again. IT WAS SO GOOD.

IMG_8485Yummy yummy yummy!

What did I wish, you ask, as I blew out the candles? You know… I can’t tell you, or it won’t come true. ;)


I had more than enough money to buy a doll, and was serious about maybe buying Samantha or Rebecca. But I decided to save most of it and get what I really needed for my dolls – doll furniture.

I’m going to order doll bunkbeds pretty soon with the money I have left over. We all bought Lea’s Celebration Outfit, and that was the only thing we got except for I bought the Care & Keeping of You 2. Reviews coming up for the outfit when I get back! I LOVE IT SO MUCH, LOL!

IMG_8491(The sun was very bright in our eyes!)

I mad so many great memories… It was the best birthday party EVER!

But the great new days of being 13 didn’t stop there.

The day after my birthday was three straight days of pure awesomeness called Wacky Week. It’s kind of like VBS. My BFF’s and I went to it, and at first I thought it would be really corny and babyish.

BUT IT WAS SO AWESOME! I loved it so much and I am so sad it’s over. It was so fun! I laughed so hard my stomach hurt and cheered so loud my throat hurt! LOL! I made so many awesome memories with my best friends! It was AMAZING. Like, you couldn’t hear it, but if you could, you’d hear the sound of my mind being blown. That’s how seriously amazing and fun it was. My birthday and those following three days were the best four days of the year by far! :D :D :D

But I didn’t forget about y’all. ;)

I’m missing you girls! When I get back, I’m hopefully going to stopmotion more, even with how super busy I am, LOL. It’s so fun, and I’ve really missed it. And I’m so glad you girls like Sweet Spring Days! Your comments all make my day and make me smile. Thanks for watching my latest AGSM!

I’ll post more if I have something more to post in the nextcouple weeks of vacation… if not, I’ll post again when I’m back in Florida. I’m going to enjoy my summer vaca while it lasts – it’s going so great so far!

Miss y’all, love y’all, and see you in the next post!