IMG_5336Hey, happy people! It’s Jocelyn here! What an incredible vacation we had – during my birthday, too! Would you care to see a few photos? It’s like living the high life! This is me on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. We rented a really cool condo just for my birthday!


IMG_5337Maybe it wasn’t just for my birthday, ’cause we went to it a couple of weeks after July 5th. It might’ve been vacation for Madi and her family. But either way, it was very fun!

IMG_5344Doesn’t flash look terrible? I’d advice you never to use it on a mobile device. Madison simply did a terrible job. She likes using her 60D much better, but she didn’t bring it on this trip.

IMG_5349If you look closely to this much-editted photo, you can see a few of the TONS of stars that were out one night! It was SO pretty! 

The beach was pretty fun, except for jellyfish stings. Madi enjoyed every speck of gluten, dairy, and sugar and relished every moment of being off her diet. ;) I for one am glad to be back – I’ve been cramped up in that bag for way too long!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the few photos from our long vacation. :) Madison and her family were so busy having fun, she didn’t think about taking pictures of every single thing. The vacation day that she did take quite a few photos was at the American Girl store for her birthday. If you’d like to see those and haven’t already, click here! :D

Have an awesome day, mini dolls and humans of the wonderful world!