Hey, hey, hey! It’s your favorite ol’ Olly Molly here! It’s been a while since my last photoshoot, so in early August Madison took me out during late sunrise and gave me one!

This fence is super fun to climb! Have you ever climbed one before? Madison, my mom, is really bad at it! It’s so funny to watch her!

I fell off a billion times before Mom could take the photo. My hand kept slipping off the vine!

I brought a book outside to read—it’s one of my favorites, Meet Molly. Because it’s my book! ;)

Whoops! Almost fell asleep there! I’d better climb something so I don’t feel too tired.

Ooh, the A-beam of our swing set!

Well, I think that’s it for this photoshoot.

Thanks so much for reading! Wow, this post was short… Mom took a lot of photos, but they were all terrible. Only a few of them were good enough to post, so I keep giggling at her bad ones.

Like this one!

And this one!

Can’t forget this one!

And especially this one!

(I felt quite offended she was taking a picture of my backside, but it was to show how wet the back of my legs and my shorts were from the dewy grass. Hmph.)

We’ve really got to do a post of all the blooper shots sometime. What do you think? Would that be funny or interesting?

Wave hi for the camera, Madison!

… no wave?

Okay, yeah, anyway. Madison isn’t here today. She’s in Texas again! More ministry stuff, I think she said. But don’t worry, Hang on to Hope won’t be suffering any delays! The parts will be scheduled, and Madison should be back in about a week and a half. So comment away, because we. love. comments! She should be getting back to you even during her trip.

Do you have a favorite photo from this photoshoot? Do you take any blooper photos, too?

See you guys on Friday with part 2 of Hang on to Hope, season 3! As you know, I have to play Connor. -__-